Learning to be more thankful

Do you spend money on luxury items like Smartphones, gaming systems, the Internet, cable or satellite television, and going out to restaurants? When you cannot download the latest application fast enough, or the newest gaming system you want is out of stock, or your Internet provider goes down for a few minutes, or your cable TV (with over 300 channels) does not have "anything" you want to watch, or the restaurant did not get your food out fast enough to you, do you get annoyed or anxious? If this is you, this article is especially for you.

Canadian-American author, Harry A. Ironside, once said that you would worry less if you praised more. That really is the truth. If you really took the time to be more thankful for those around you and the little blessings in your life, you would start to accumulate a wealth of love and kindness in return. Half the worry we create for ourselves is usually about the things we do not have or the things we feel that we lack. Ironically, when you praise every detail of your life, you stop dwelling on the things you do not have. It is a good feeling not having the anxiety about things we cannot change or cannot always have. It is an even better feeling knowing that we have so many wonderful things right in our lives that many do not have.

Imagine a world away (and in some cases, in our own communities) where entire families do not have roofs over their heads, or where starvation is not a fear but a reality. The hard truth is that you have so many extraordinary blessings in your life that sometimes you forget to give thanks. I am guilty of it, too. I get caught up in projects and forget to acknowledge the importance of those around me and the smallest gifts that I too, sometimes take for granted. But I also realize that there is a time and a purpose for everything and everyone, and that is why I make time (even when I get "too busy") to show my gratitude. I also know that when I do show my appreciation, my anxiety levels drop, my heart becomes lighter and my shoulders feel like a weight has been lifted from them. It is amazing what a little gratefulness can do every now and then.

For a few minutes, I want you to reflect on the a time you really took a few minutes to appreciate your life and those who are in it. Yes, I am talking about your friends, your family, your coworkers, and your community. What have you done to give back and to give thanks to those who have loved you and cared for you even when you did not think of them? How many times have you truly looked at all the essentials you have in your life that others could only dream of having in their own lives? When was the last time you praised your child for simply being a blessing to you? Or when can you remember the last time you hugged your mom or dad? How many people do you know who no longer have parents, or could never have a child? You are indeed very blessed.

When you learn to be more thankful, you find that worries fall to the wayside and that people and the blessings you may often take for granted make the difference.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, November 19, 2013