Learn from your past and change your future

We tend to be a civilization that doesn't learn from our past; in stead we keep repeating the old story, our old ways and our old techniques hoping to gain a better result. That is not going to happen. I try to learn from my past situations and experiences but I have come to realize over the years that all that I encounter are simply experiences. They were not presented to me to trip me up or harm me; they have instead been placed in my life because I needed to learn and grow from them.

My philosophy of life is therefore quite simple: Everything that I do is simply an experience. Some experiences I am proud and excited about and others cause me to be sad, but that is okay because I am learning and digging deeper into my soul to gain a better insight into the why and how come. I believe we come here to gain in wisdom and a better understanding of who we are and what is our purpose and function. We learn certain approaches from our parents, our teachers and society at large but too often those approaches don't work properly and lead us down the wrong path. So what is one to do? We are to first step back, observe those who have made it and then work out a plan or approach that will either mirror or imitate those who are successful.

Our pasts can become like a huge garbage bag filled to the top with experiences, events and insignificant situations that are taking up space and energy. They no longer have any purpose or function but somehow we refuse to let go of them because we believe that they define who we are. Time and again we deal with clients who want to change but who refuse to let go of the garbage they have collected from their past; they believe the garbage represents something of value to them. It can be a happy experience but more often the garbage bag is filled with sad, painful and unhappy situations that are no longer significant.

The past is the past. You cannot relive it unless you attempt to recreate the same scenario over again, but even when you try to repeat the past, it is never the same it becomes a new version of an old experience and out of necessity, people, places and things change so it is impossible to replicate the past in an exact image.

I encourage you to learn from the past and change your future. Clear out the garbage you have been collecting in the way of ideas, thoughts and beliefs that haven't worked for you and start seeking out new ways to put your life in balance and harmony. Don't hold grudges and don't continue to blame someone or something for a past hurt.

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If you really want to move into the present and enjoy new opportunities and adventures, you must leave the past behind and concentrate on the present. I have moved several times in my life. Sometimes it was within the same district or State but never would I allow my self to go back and take another look at what I left behind. That, I know, is a waste of my energy. I understand that I need to keep my eyes forward if I want to reach my destination. I can recall the pleasant moments of my past in my minds eye and I can reminisce about it with my family and friends but I cannot bring it back no matter how hard I try, so why waste my energy to attempt to keep alive something that is no longer a reality.

Our past teaches us valuable lessons that we needed to learn so that we can have a happier and more productive present moment and our present moment prepares us to enjoy a successful future. As I have said before, my past is filled with experiences that I have either enjoyed or regretted but the fact remains they were simply experiences. I can choose to build on my past experiences and learn some valuable lessons or I can dump those experiences and release them from my life because they have no further purpose or value for me. Either way the message is clear, learn from the past but leave the past where it belongs and build for yourself a beautiful future that comes from releasing the old as you make the necessary mindful adjustments that will move you forward in life.

"The secret of health for both the mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."--Buddha

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, July 30, 2013