Keep a good attitude

Just as in the story of Job in the bible, Our Heavenly Father allows the enemy to tempt and do all he can to trip us up.  When we stay in faith and keep a good attitude, we can and will survive as we pass through the storm.  We will, however, not only survive we will also start to thrive as we are also propelled into our greatness.  When we choose to heal our lives in all areas, we will be equipped to eventually flourish and exceed our highest expectations.  

In times of difficulty, we especially need to keep our faith, even when we don’t understand.  You may feel as though you are being pulled back and destroyed, however, when you remember to keep a good attitude in spit of all the difficulties you are facing, your life will heal and you will begin to thrust forward just like in the story of Job. 

 Our Creator allows us to experience our difficult times; those are the time when we learn to extend ourselves,  to reach out and help others and even grow in our own inner power and strength. If you continue to stay in faith and continue to discipline your self, you will soon see that you have been shown new and different ways to grow, change and possibly re-direct energy into new endeavors and new possibilities.  When you stay in faith and maintain a good attitude, you will eventually reach your hearts desires.  What you are going through right now is not your life’s destiny; it is just a season that needs to pass.  Trust that it will!  Keep a good and healthy attitude and you will in the right timing reach your highest potentiality. When things don’t go your way, please don’t sink into a state of depression or doubt.  That is simply, like Job experienced, a small chapter in your life. 

 Yes, you may be going through dark times, but when you pass through this time believe that in the perfect timing you will reap all the blessings you deserve.  You will reap the benefits, you will reach your highest potential and you will heal your life emotionally, physically, financially and mentally as you continually stand strong and remain in faith.  Your job is to dare to believe that you will receive all you seek! 

 Live in joyful expectancy! Before you reach your highest potential and before you receive all the healing for your life, be appreciative and in gratitude knowing that it is coming your way.  Keep a good attitude and say and think all the positive and healthy words and thoughts that will rise you up and show your Creators you trust in him no matter what is happening right now.  Be like Job; in spite of all the challenges and harsh times, he refuse to give up or give into the enemy.  Remain strong and courageous and keep a good and healthy attitude. That is how you will heal your life!


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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, October 25, 2017