Keep going and get ready!

Your time is coming!  One day you will receive and achieve your highest and best but right now your task is to be vigilant in your journey and determined to get your strategy right. Stay strong and faithful in your heart as you keep your focus, step up and match your challenges and continue to give your best daily.  Sometimes we feel uncomfortable with the process but I want you to know that it is getting you prepared; prepared to shine brightly and be noticed.

When you are faithful in the small tasks in your life, you are setting the scene for yourself to be prepared for the larger responsibilities that will soon be presented to you.  Your greatest time is coming.  Celebrate in your heart and believe that you are getting ready for all that you have craved to experience into your life.

You will never receive the best results without the preparation.

You may think youare ready but your Creator has a bigger and better plan for you and is readying you to receive your highest and best.  Don’t get discouraged!  Don’t give up!  Your greatness may not be realized today; instead believe that you are being prepared to reach your highest potential as you continually empower yourself with a positive mental attitude.  The Infinite Intelligence will propel you into the greatness of your destiny when you are truly ready. If, however, you decide it is too difficult and you give up, you will never reach your highest potential.

When you put your trust in your Creator, he will most definitely promote you in ways you have never dreamt about.  It is your responsibility to continually empower yourself in order for you to experience your highest and best good.  Your main task right now is towatch where you are placing your energy, your thoughts.  Keep your focus on your end goal and keep going.  During the learning process and your growth and development, you are growing deep roots that will help sustain you during challenging times.  You are beginning to strengthen your foundation as you are building your platform from which you will propel towards you desired outcome.  Yes, you will absolutely reach your highest potential when you are ready to do all that is needed and expected of you.  Your Creator is incontrol; believe that He is more than capable to take you by the hand and direct you during your journey. 

Don’t get discouraged by the process and don’t run away from it.

If you are not willing to go through the process, you will never see the glory. Don’t you realize that you have come too far to quit?  Everything that you are experiencing now is only temporary and only a part of the process.  Don’t fall into doubt or self-pity!  Your breakthrough is coming.  The light is getting brighter and stronger and soon you will reach your highest potential because your time is right in front of you.  Continue to empower yourself by keeping your faith strong, trust in the power of your Creator and believe that He has your best interest in mind.  You are most definitely being refined and prepared for all your doors to be opened just for you.  


 Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, November 29, 2016