Its kind of fun to do the impossible

This is a quote by Walt Disney: "Its kind of fun to do the impossible." I first heard this quote several years ago and even today it still causes me

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to think deeply about what those words mean to me and how I can invite not only those words but its meaning into my life. When I first got to know Betty at a deeper level, I was introduced to a personality that was child-like and whimsical. She has always had an inviting smile and a quickness about her mind that allowed me to engage in a meaningful yet fun conversation. She was a model in her prime and till this day when you try to take her picture, she poses and crocks her head in a powerful and welcoming fashion that seems to say: "Here I am world capture the moment." Betty as a young child was orphaned but she never allowed her early story to color her life. She learned as a young girl that she possessed a charisma and style that was inviting to people and that style set the stage for her career to take off and flourish.

She has always been proud of who she is and she always saw to it that there was fun in her life. She did not think that life was impossible; to the contrary those thoughts were not in her vocabulary. She had a young sister, like herself and no other family so she reached out to the world and it actually embraced her. How many times do we, in our fear and feelings of lack sabotage ourselves from reaching our full potential? In my career, I see that behavior all the time and unfortunately, it saddens me. It saddens me because I can see the possibilities that others can achieve and yet they are blinded due to their negative emotions and beliefs. They are continually selling themselves short simply because they focus on the lack in their lives and refuse to pull back the veil so that numerous possibilities and potentialities can be seen.

The laws of the Universe are specific and if what you are seeking falls within the laws of the Universe, then in truth, it is possible. Another way of looking at this is the only limitations that we as human experience are those that are wrapped in our limiting thoughts. We are all part of Creation and because of this truth, we are part of the whole and the whole of Creation has no boundaries therefore, we have no boundaries.

Every action creates a reciprocal reaction. This is part of Newton's law of physics. Putting it in simple terms, if one action does not work out try, try again until the right reaction comes into play and alignment. Thomas Edison is a perfect example of this fact. He tried over 10,000 times to perfect the light bulb before he was successful and he never once thought of himself as a failure or that it was impossible.

Maybe the thoughts that we all need to embody are there is a lot of energy in the word ���success' so if you are striving to achieve great success in your life, you will need to put forth great energy. Energy builds on energy and there is power and strength in energy so I encourage you to change your point of view make your life fun and become an energy energizer and watch what happens.

"The first requisite of success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem without growing weary." - Thomas Edison

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Friday, May 4, 2012