Is it time to break the cycle that doesn't bring joy?

cycle of painIs it time to break the cycle that doesn't bring joy?

I personally find it mentally challenging to constantly try to keep up with the ways of the world because the stress and anxiety connected to attempting to keep pace often leaves me feeling anxious. When I am anxious - apprehension and nervousness set in and reek havoc on my emotions.

I believe that it is important to enjoy your own company, that is, be content in your skin and doing things that actually please you and allow you to have a true sense of inner peace. There is no question that we are social animals but I also feel the need to spend time with myself and re-connect with my soul, my authentic self. When I get too involved with other people's lives, I tend to get caught up in issues that really don't serve me.

An argumentative mind and attitude too often leads to a judgmental mind and approach to life. We then tend to focus more on our differences rather than to examine our similarities with others and that, in it self, is not healthy. Arrogance becomes a character trait that leads to an unfriendly environment and that, of course, leads to misunderstanding and conflict. Conflict leads to stress and more anxiety and the cycle continues to perpetuate itself. So, you might ask, "How do I break the cycle?"

If there is something about your life that you do not like, figure out what you do to contribute to that environment and communication breakdown and change it. Work towards a solution that will better serve you in a healthier way. Possibly spending time in quiet contemplation will help you find a better lifestyle that suits you in a healthier way. Your quiet moments might help you know your vulnerabilities and then openly work with those traits. Don't give into the pressures of daily life; instead, cultivate a life that flows according to your tempo. Make a real effort to find a better way of living and then start the action plan to bring it about. As you continue to evaluate what is important for you, your world will become more fluid and the negative cycles will start to fall away.

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Monday, March 9, 2015