It takes work on your part Are you willing to put the effort forth?

Accountability and confidence are invaluable attributes to help anyone move in the positive direction towards success. When you invoke and understand these two attributes, you just might make magic happen. Okay everyone -believe it or not, I actually read every comment that comes to my desk from this blog site a few are spam but most are from honest and interested people who are looking for ways to improve the quality of their lives.

Let's put the jokesters aside and focus on you the individual human being who really and sincerely wants to improve the quality and texture of your life. But let us not stop there---I want to believe that you are also someone who has a dream and part of that dream is to try something new. This blog is all about sharing information that has the potentiality of helping you change when you are willing to listen to new ideas and try new ways.

You say: "I want to achieve it!" Am I right? Well if I am, please read on and if I am wrong just leave this site because it is not meant for you in the first place.

OKAY LETS GET SERIOUS! You care about where your money goes. You care about the free time that you enjoy but probably most of all you care about how you are going to get from plan "A" to plan "B" Am I right?

Well if you are still with me---let's get going

This may be painful to some of you because the initial basis or foundation that I will discuss is you have to be willing to do your work!

So what do I mean about that, you might ask let me start by saying, most people don't get it they are dense but most of all unwilling to sweat - change their old ways of thinking - and release their past hurts and pains.

Are you listening? Do any of you agree because if you do, then we can continue.

One of my first points is anger, resentment and unforgiveness do not work. They only hinder and block your flow. Let me explain in simple terms. It is like being constipated----blockage is blockage. So my first suggestion is let it all go because if you do not you are only building a dam that will block your flow.

Are you still with me? Let's continue. Second, breathe deeply---you got it! This is the time to release and allow all your blocks including your fears and doubts to dissolve. You absolutely cannot grow and succeed when your thoughts are focused on doubt and worry. Take it from me I am an expert on this subject fear begets fear and guess what? Doubt, anger and resentment beget the same.

So don't you think it is time for you to try a new approach to living? I am here for you and I am with you so let's get started and begin the journey to self-improvement and change. I believe in you and your abilities

I believe in you and your power and your skills

But most of all I want you to believe in ���you'

I know you can do it because I have done it!

I know you are capable because I am just like you and I have discovered that I am capable

And I know that you will succeed because I have succeeded and anything I can do you will do better all you need to do is try.

Are you with me! I believe in you so together we are an army of 2 (two). Please do not let me down but most importantly don't give up on yourself

Let me hear from you so that I know you are on this journey towards success with me.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, August 16, 2012