It is never too late to change

This article today is based on my book: "Hello, Is Anybody Listening?" I decided to speak to you about this topic because I believe that many people fail to understand and realize the power of their thoughts,  words and belief system. At this moment, I want to address how your words can either build up your body and cells to perform at optimum (for your age group) or to deteriorate at a more rapid level and prepare to die off. You see our bodies are living organisms that, like all of us, appreciate our kind and respectful words and thoughts and responds in like kind. If we look at our bodies and complain that we are too fat or that we have aches and pains as we age and our bodies are not functioning the way we want, our bodies think we are belittling and degrading them.  Our bodies hear those messages and take offense. They start taking steps to shut down and deteriorate, sometimes at a faster level than normal because that is the message we are putting forth. That is where sickness and disease start to take its hold on us.   One of my main goals in life is to heal my body, heal my mind!  It is important to me to stay healthy in all areas of my life and to do so with medication and pills.

We often choose to ignore the messages to heal our bodies and to heal our minds and blame our continual misery on God or someone outside of ourselves. It seems that we need someone to blame.  It is so easy to accuse others, so that when we don't feel better, rather than to stop and really think about why we are feeling ill, frustrated, or unloved, we shift the responsibility on someone or something else. We expend so much energy searching on the outside for the cause of our problems that we lose sight of the real cause and tend to focus on the effect, the result that has left us feeling lost. 

What we are dealing with is what I call roadblocks. We are very good at building roadblocks around us, not conscious of the fact that if we want to shape our future; we need to create a positive plan of action. We do not want anyone to know how we feel because we do not want to be vulnerable to his or her reactions. A powerful tool to assist you in releasing your blocks is writing out your thoughts. The process of writing allows you to write without filtering what you are thinking from what you are feeling. When you simply allow your hand to write exactly what is moving through your conscious mind at the moment, you will soon discover a thought, idea or concept that has been hidden within your subconscious mind. This self-realization is powerful and helpful because it will allow you to take control of the direction you choose to follow and take responsibility for your actions. Our healing doesn’t happen magically but rather it is a conscious awareness to how we are feeling and thinking on a regular basis.  If you are like me and want to live a life that is healthy and free f rom sickness and disease then you too are seeking ways to heal your body and to heal your mind.

Centering ourselves daily is an important and necessary tool to listening and receiving the messages from our Source. To center oneself means to focus your thinking on calmness, quiet, thinking of self-love, well-being or nothingness. It is the quieting of Ego-self in order to hear Inner-self. Allow yourself a few minutes each day to focus on nothingness in a setting where you are not likely to be disturbed and soon you will be experiencing a beautiful state of inner peace. As with the butterfly, when we sit quietly and calmly, we allow the Little Voice within to move in closely and be heard. At the same time that we are quieting ourselves, we are also creating a peaceful quality in the surrounding atmosphere in which we are sitting. That is what inner peace is all about.  It allows one to re-balance and release, for a moment, their anxiety, fears and frustrations thus re-directing their energies in a positive way. Then when you sit down to write, you will be writing from your heart not your ego mind. 


Our bodies want to support us and fill us with loving and healing energy, but it is teamwork that is required for this process to unfold properly. 


Most of us spend a lot of time buying clothes to improve our body, make-up or hair products to make us look younger or sometimes older, more attractive, more desirable, or whatever quality we are trying to achieve. But I believe that most of us have either forgotten or never taken the time to realize that the flesh, the body, cells and bones that cover our being is simply that-- cover. The real you and I is the being inside who is beautiful, pure, loving, kind, gentle and simply wonderful. We are spirit beings who have chosen to come to this planet Earth to fulfill a contract, a task so we took on a body shape and voila! Here we are. 


When I finally was able to sit and look at myself, my inner self for a few moments, I started to understand my persona, my inner being who is the essence of who I am. This practice allowed me to see through me-to watch, observe and appreciate me without criticism. Oh, yes, for sure, there were things that I saw and didn't like it but I needed to make an apology to myself for them, ask my body for forgiveness and send it love. I needed to heal myself, to heal my longing heart that has been crying out in pain and my body that has been sending me signals for a long time. I just simply ignored them. I started to learn that I needed to release all guilt; I could not heal if I felt guilty. Guilt is a destructive emotion. It has no value to a person who is trying to heal and move into the higher vibrational realm of love, joy, peace and balance. The guilt that you hold in your heart and mind is what makes life difficult for you to release it! I encourage you to release all guilt now from all past life experiences because you cannot do anything about them! Release the guilt and learn - learn from your past experiences and transmute those negative emotions into a healing energy of forgiveness, that is, self-forgiveness, love, balance, joy, and ultimately, great inner peace. After I was able to focus on healing myself, I began to ready myself for the next step in the process of healing my life. It doesn't matter how old you are, it is never too late to change and heal! I hope you find this article helpful and valuable. You can always gain more information by downloading the book from our site.


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Tuesday, October 15, 2019