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As an intuitive expert, I have come to understand that finding self, finding hope, and finding the passion to become your own beacon of light take effort on all of our parts.  I often tell people to do their work if they choose to transform their lives as they reach for their highest potential.  It isn’t easy but it absolutely is doable! 

As an intuitive expert, I've encountered many an individual in my life.  From retired grandparents to famous business leaders - each person has come to me with his or her individual uniqueness, and subsequent life story.  Some have contacted me for assistance in making major life decisions, while others need reassurance, and some contact me to communicate with lost loved ones.

While no two-life stories are the same, the common ground that I find in each in every one of us is the search for a higher source of power, a broader sense of belongingness, and a vision for tomorrow. The commonality that we all certainly share is the fact that our higher source of power is, in fact, God, the Higher Spirit.  He is the Divine Source of intuition that resides in all of us.  Remember, that this Divine resource is always a constant in our lives.  Even when we have lost all but hope, our Higher Source is there to guide us and lend us the strength to carry on.  Never give up because this Divinity has not given upon us.

Next, we must remember that we all belong to a great web of energy.  Each soul is interdependent upon one another for its life source.  Even when we cross over to the realm of heaven, our energy never dies -- it merely transforms, so we are always connected to each other.

Finally, the vision that we all share is the vision of life purpose.  We all want a sense of direction and validation as to what our life means especially when we choose to transform our lives for the better, and the purpose that we serve while we exist in physical form here on earth.  The good news is that we ALL have a purpose and the inner wisdom to achieve greatness in life.  The tools are at our disposal; but each one of us must rediscover our passion and drive to create the lifestyle that makes you, you if you choose to reach your highest potential.

What is your vision?  And how do you relate to this vast expanse that we call Earth?  If you're ready to explore your own uniqueness and are ready to leave your imprint on this world, and also are willing to reach out to those you love, even beyond the grave, know that you can; and never forget that your life is important.  Somewhere, someone needs your talent, your sense of wisdom, your energy, and your abilities.  Use your intuition to make that difference now.  You have that power within you and I, as an intuitive expert, I want to tell you that your time is now to explore all your possibilities. If you need assistance on your journey, contact our office and set up an appointment today. Go to You can make your commitment online and we will call you to schedule the time that works for you.  


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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, December 10, 2019