Intuition—its benefits and shortcomings

If you decided that it is time for you to take control of your life rather than some outside force, and you start to move forward in that direction with honesty and truth, you will soon discover that your life will shift in a positive way.  If you are wondering how that is possible, then listen to my words and try to absorb their meaning and impact.  When you change your attitude, your behavior and your environmental patterns in a positive way, things happen. You will start to notice a change in the way you look at life, this happens through the power of your inner voice, I call it your intuition, while others call it the small voice within you.  It is through this powerful force within each one of us that we are able to ignite our energy and transform it. We have the power within us to become our own intuition expert. As we begin to see the world differently, we are better prepared to move forward in the direction of greater joy, inner peace, a stronger sense of confidence, worth and improved abundance.  That is when you start to realize that you are manifesting for your life that which you are seeking. 

 The bottom line for all of us is that it is up to us, you and me alike, to listen to our intuition, to understand its purpose and to respect the gift that utilizing your intuition will bring forth. As an intuitive specialist, I realize the power and impact that your intuition can have over your life. Your intuition will never steer you wrong—it will only guide you on the right path, the easier road but it will not materialize for you if you refuse to pay attention and listen to its soft and faint message.  It is your job, as your own intuition expert, to become more comfortable with hearing that little voice. Once you become attune to its soft voice, you will soon discover that its gifts flow to you with ease.  That is when you are manifesting for your life

 Like everything else in life there are always side effects or shortcomings that occur when we fail to pay attention to our intuition, such as:

 1.When you continually hear the messages, but you really do not want to listen to them—you lose!

 2.  You are too lazy to pay attention, so you ignore it and lose again.

 3.  You are not emotionally ready to move in the direction of your highest so once again you refuse to pay attention to your intuition and you miss out.

 4.  You are still more comfortable with drama and struggle, so you don’t believe what you are hearing.

 5.  You are not aware that your intuition is leading you down the right path because you fail to recognize its voice and you discount it from your consciousness.

 Once you believe in and understand the power of your intuition, you see the benefits that spring forth, such as;

 1.  Everything falls into place with ease.

 2.  You want to pay attention to all subtle thoughts and ideas because you are seeking to find the clues that will help you reach your desired goal.

 3.   You are emotionally ready to move in the direction of your highest good in the best way.

 4.  You move away from drama and struggle and look for the ways to bring everything into alignment.

 5.  You are completely aware and alert to the inner voice, your intuition that is giving you guidance and messages and you win.

 Each one of us has been given the gift of intuition but most of us have allowed this gift to be buried and forgotten.  Isn’t it time for you to re-awaken your power and invite it back into your life?  All the great professionals in the world have become their own intuition specialist because they know its power and benefits.  I encourage you to make the time to tap into your intuition and begin to know and believe for yourself that it is important to become the best intuition expert possible because you choose to manifest for your lives all that you desire.  When you makes that choice, your like will begin to change!


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, September 25, 2018