Improving you

After a few weeks into the New Year, how many resolutions have you initiated and how many have you already tossed to the wayside? Truth of the matter is, we often make a laundry list of goals that we truly want but never achieve. Why? We tend to set ourselves up for defeat the moment we start dwelling on all the work that each goal is going to take to achieve it.

Improving you takes the three P's: Persistence, Patience and Perseverance. When you understand that you control your actions and thoughts, you can begin setting resolutions that you can and will achieve.

One of the most popular resolutions we make is losing weight and getting fit. Just as we begin dieting and exercising, we realize how much energy and motivation it takes to get a move on things. Goals are always easier made than done.

The problem in goal setting is that you:

A) list way too many to realistically achieve,

B) start on a goal but lack motivation to keep it going, or

C) you give up on a goal before you even start working on it.

Sound familiar? If you are honest with yourself, you know what you are capable of in a reasonable amount of time. So how do you do it? You set and achieve goals by making benchmarks. Let's say you want to lose 20 pounds this year. We both know that it is unrealistic to lose all that weight in one month. But, if you pace yourself to lose half a pound to one pound weekly, that's doable. The second part of that goal is to not permit negative and self-defeating thoughts to enter your mind. When you start saying things like, "I'm never going to make it," or "I just can't do it," chances are you won't. Instead, focus on completion and seeing yourself through to the end. The third part of the goal is to remain consistent. You must be steadfast in your mindset. You cannot allow external influences to alter your course. Once you have a realistic goal -- whether it's losing weight, finishing school or just competing in a race -- and you have the mental constitution to keep it going, there is no stopping you.

I work out five days a week either at the fitness center or by walking several miles a day. When I first get started each morning, I feel tired and sometimes defeated. Five minutes into the workout, I hear my mind saying, this is hard I can't continue I don't think I will be able to finish but before I know it, I keep going seconds turn into minutes and all of a sudden I find my self saying I am half way done I'm getting there. It is so easy to psyche yourself out by feeling defeated and weak but that is when you need to go to your reserve thinking that says: "I can do this It is important for my well-being."

It never fails, by the time I have finished my workout, I feel exhilarated and content knowing that I did it again. Only you have the powerto lasso your mind and pull it in to respond to your desires. Only you can improve your quality of life, but I might add, you are not the only one to benefit from an improved you. Your family and friends will enjoy knowing the new you as much as you will.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, January 14, 2013