Ignite the passion within

ignite passionIt doesn't matter what age you are, I have found that many people don't take seriously the true meaning of the word ���passion.' I am not speaking about sexual passion but rather the passion of your heart and soul to realize your highest desires. We tend to ignore this word and this topic for what reason, I am not sure. You see, I speak with passion, I live my life with passion and I think passionately about ideas, topics and events that excite me and allow me to be an active participant in the world. I am passionate about voicing my thoughts because I believe and know that I have something to say.

What are you passionate about? Over the years when my daughter and I have hosted various workshops; we discussed this topic about igniting your passion to numerous people varying from the age of 21 to 75 and I was really surprised to discover that many older people have never explored their passion and as a result have not lived their passion. Wow that truth took me aback and caused me to think is it that they didn't know how to move with passion in their lives or they had never entertained that thought or still was it a lack of personal drive? I discovered that it was actually all of the above. Most people are so busy in their day-to-day lives working to survive and stay afloat that they have sacrificed their dreams for safety and a sense of security. It was actually easier, so they thought to forfeit their dreams and fantasies for what they believed was a better and more realistic life.

They actually programmed their mind to accept these thoughts as gospel and never challenged their decisions. This is not about right or wrong or saying that someone is nobler than another. My point is to simply inform you and hopefully open your mind to see and believe that you have options and choices or at least your children and their children have options and choices if and when they can shift their attitudes, values, beliefs and language to allow these thoughts to come into their conscious mind.

In truth, you are the captain of your ship The captain is the conscious mind. Your crew who runs the ship is the unconscious mind. The captain steers the ship and sets the course. So the question to ask is: "What course have you set up for yourself this time?" Too often we have created roadblocks in our lives that have stopped us from our forward movement. Isn't it time to change course and sail your ship into a friendly harbor where abundance is waiting for you?

When we live our lives with passion, magic happens. We are energy beings so when we utilize our energy life force in a powerful and dynamic way, we actually have the ability to ignite other peoples fire at the same time in a positive and beneficial way. When we all connect our energy fields, we all thrive and succeed.

Are you wondering how to begin? I suggest that at first, you set goals you believe you can achieve.

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Outline what you want to do and write in a journal your observations. Each day, morning or evening, write in your journal and express your feelings. Let them pour out of your heart and do not think about what you are writing simply write and become an open vessel. This is an exercise in self-discovery and it will help you to express openly what you are secretly seeking.

You have all you need within you to make your life flow with passion, love, self-confidence, and a wonderful sense of self-worth. All of this is your birthright, which means it belongs to

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you. You simply need to claim it.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Friday, May 4, 2012