If the animal kingdom can do it, we can too!

Nature is showing us the way That is the message I heard when I watched a PBS documentary about Nature. As I was listening to the scientific research and its outcome the general message shared was how many animals share a loving and compassionate relationship with other animals that are very different from them. It was as if the animals were making solid relationships with different unexpected friends. What I began to say was: "If they can do it, so can we."

The stories that were shared were incredible and actually caused me to step back and seriously re-evaluate my thoughts about people our life in general and our interconnectivity or lack thereof. There is so much more to these stories than I can even begin to share. I have found them to be incredible when you think that a goat befriends a

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blind horse. A deer mothers a dog, a leopard has a golden retriever as its best friend and a monkey shares its life with a Labrador. There is evidence that emotional relationships do exist among different species of animals so why can't humans cultivate strong relationships with other groups of humans and develop a strong bond?

The documentary continues to discuss the emotional lives of animals and how they learn to trust at a very young age. It was as though their survival depended upon their willingness to share and care for another animal that is most unlike itself. It absolutely leaves one to think that maybe we too can feel a connection and establish relationships with other humans who seem to be different and alien to us.

People tend to be hostile towards those who appear to be different. Yet we are intrigued to watch the animal world form those relationships in the most unusual way. I have seen people transfixed and in awe in front of the cages of those animals who share such relationships and I can only guess that they are thinking: "How is that possible." The answer is that it is all about building relationships and trust at an early age. It is a bond that is formed over time and nurtured by both parties.

Nature and its inspiring messages can teach all of us how to live together in peace and harmony. One thing is clear---a friendship exists among animals of different species, and that interaction has proven to be rewarding and beneficial to both parties. Human beings also crave to have friendships and they also crave to interact with others.

Cultivating that bond is not simple and it is not something that happens quickly---it takes time, effort and a willingness to try. Just like people, animals are very selective of who they will let into their lives. But it appears that humans tend to be more cautious and selective because they think that many humans are different and therefore strange. Some animals, however, realize that they are different but that distinction is not where they place their trust or reasoning; they actually create a long and lasting bond based on caring and sharing and that eventually leads to a life long lasting relationship that transforms both of their lives and helps them live longer and healthier lives too.

Data does exist it may not be sufficient at this time to make definitive conclusions but it appears that it is adequate and a start to at least show that a unique relationship does exist between different species and if we as humans can take a cue from the animal kingdom, we, too, might begin to realize that in the human species, we can have relationships with other humans who in the past seemed to be unthinkable but have demonstrated to be working beautifully. Being an odd couple doesn't necessarily mean that it can't work; it simply suggests that in our different-ness we seem to be attracted to those who have previously been considered forbidden.

People definitely can be called odd couples when you see their loving relationship with their pets usually they are experienced with dogs or cats. Nonetheless, I have seen those nurturing relationship daily as you walk the streets of various communities. There are even dog strollers for the owners to walk their loving pet in an endearing fashion and as you observe their mannerism and friendship, you soon realize that their bond is strong and emotionally fused in a loving and remarkable way.

I wish to leave you with one thought---sometimes the oddest couples make the most devoted allies and friends. After the documentary was over, I began to think how nature as usual is showing us the way to live in peace and harmony and friendship. In its most simplistic terms, this concept is easy to understand yet daily we see that because of anger and hatred and battles between different groups, we tend to annihilate each other instead of befriending each other.

In truth, the odd couple is really not so odd but rather in tune with nature. There are so many different groups of people who have been separated because of color, beliefs, economic and educational differences and even cultural diversity but that does not mean that we can't get along, be compassionate towards each other and even when needed or desired care and share with each other. We are being shown the way to live in a world where peace and harmony prevail. What do you think? Are you willing to give it a try?

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Blog Date: 
Friday, March 22, 2013