I wish...

wishing imageWe all wish for something more more love, more money, more joy, more happiness. I believe it is part of human nature. As I was changing the TV channel today, there were very young children who were asked that question and each one wished to be something else. Most wanted to be older so they could have more of things that at their young age was not offered to them.

That got me thinking? Instead of wishing for something ���MORE' for our lives, what will it take for us to be happy and simply enjoy the life that we have in this present moment? For me, just simple conscious awareness of where I am at this present moment in time allows me to choose to be happy, content and at peace with myself. I may still desire to have more wealth but at this moment I have enough. Today I am not wishing I am enjoying the moment. I feel at peace with myself and I know that through my due diligence, conversations with my God and His awesome willingness to share his wealth with me, my tomorrow take care of itself. Oh yes, I pray, I converse with God and I present my case before Him/Her so that God knows my thoughts and my heart.

I work on removing my blocks, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical because I understand the principle that life can only flow when we are in alignment with the Universal Flow of energy. We all have work to do in order to reach our fullest potential. If I want to receive I must be open and ready to receive. That requires being open to change being willing to choose the right path that will allow the change to take hold and improve our attitude, behavior and environment. I encourage you today to be a seeker of new and better possibilities for your life. Stop wishing for your life to change and take the steps to allow the door to open so positive change can bless your life.


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Monday, February 9, 2015