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A real leader is one who can lead his/her life in a healthy and soulful way by paying attention to the messages your body is giving, by hearing your heart speak and then who tells the soul that you understand you get it!

Many people claim the gifts of Higher Intuition but not many can lead to real change. My gifts come from GOD. I am grateful and very humbled to say that I have been given the opportunity to share these gifts with you. �� We all need help! �� we all need support and yes, we all need to believe that God does not want us to suffer as many do. Many of our circumstances are the result of the beliefs and actions of our parents and ancestors' beliefs. Once you learn the whole story and see where the roots took hold, you are better prepared to decide what you need to let go of in order to enjoy your life according to your terms.

My first time ever offered Lineage Legacy Weekend Retreat on September 27-28 will give you the chance to be in a safe environment and heal as you come to the realization of why you feel the way you do today and how you can improve your story after you learn and recognize the baggage you have been carrying around that no longer serves you.


For the next 24 hours, You can buy one ticket and bring a friend for FREE

Take advantage of this opportunity to create positive change in your life!

It's your time! �� THINK this through! SHARE this message with at least 10 people and keep the chain going �� why suffer when you don't have to. Without a doubt, I know I can help you. God has asked me to take this mantel and share it with the world I accept his request with love and respect and I will be taking this mandate to all of you. I am privileged to share this with you. Let your healing and transformation begin by reserving your seat for this 2-day Workshop Retreat. www.lineagelegacyretreat.com


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Wednesday, September 24, 2014