Human vulnerability

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reaching out, trying to hold on, afraid to let go - afraid of the unknown, all of those emotions and many more were surfacing through her head as she looked at me and tried to hold her composure. Are these the words that are expressing Betty's emotions and thoughts or are they quite possibly my words and my thoughts? We all will get there some day. Each one of us, if we are blessed will grow

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old and quite possibly those same words will filter through our head.

How do we get through it? How do we prepare? Who do we trust, that is trust our lives with in the hopes that we will receive the proper treatment, the emotional and physical nurturing and equally important, the respect that we deserve. Working with Betty and sharing quality time with her caused me to think those thoughts and wonder what my destiny would be when I am 90 years old.
The vulnerability of humanity is a topic waiting to be examined and discussed openly. We are all vulnerable to our emotions and feelings and at times those emotions get in the way of our highest and best good.
For me, vulnerability is a double-edged sword. There is a degree of fear and worry when we think we may be at risk or exposed in our relationships whether they be personal or professional. Yet it is the other side of vulnerability that I am speaking to now. It is that face of being vulnerable which has peaked my interest and concern because that is a time when we are completely defenseless and weak at the same time and thus unable to care for ourselves. If you have ever been in love, you have been vulnerable. If you have been successful in your career, I am sure there were times when you were vulnerable. At this time, my thoughts go to the defenseless people, the older people as well as the children of the world who need our help; support, encouragement but most of all need our understanding and compassion. To be vulnerable or susceptible to social or emotional injury is one thing but to be completely defenseless and at the mercy of others is another. Betty attempted to put on the mask of being in control of herself and her life. Her outgoing and charismatic personality has been a powerful tool that she has used her entire life to get what she wanted and it has worked well for her. Yet now she is weakening due to many circumstances that I have alluded to within this blog. I was able to see through that mask and I am sure, due to my strong intuitive talents, I was able to see beyond the veil.

My heart gets broken ever time I see humans act inhumanly. The vulnerability of humanity in its purest sense of a beautiful thing but when it is misused and abused it becomes quite ugly. It is those thoughts and feelings that are experienced by the very young as well as the old so is it any wonder that as we grow in years that those feelings do not lessen but only stay firmly rooted in our senses. This is a question that continually surfaces in my head. I do not pretend to know the answer. More and more I am beginning to realize that quite possibly there is no answer; It might only require an awakening and an awareness into self - how we choose daily to act and interact with others and ourselves as well. What do you think?

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Sunday, February 26, 2012