How is your harvest coming along?

If you are like me, you have been planting seeds in your garden for a long time.

Sometimes I have been lazy and have allowed the weeds to take over my garden and other times, I have been diligent, forthright and persistent and have plowed ahead to care for, to love and to have gratitude at the progress I have made.

You see, our gardens are our minds. We can allow negative thoughts - ideas and suggestions to filter in and take over without regard to the outcome or we can be watchful and persistent as we discipline our minds to behave. It is our duty to be cautious so that our garden is not destroyed with darkness and mildew [ the yucky stuff ] that cover up the light - the bright and freshness of creativity and imagination.

I know that I want my garden to prosper. I crave to enjoy the fruits of my labor and I, therefore, understand that I must take control of my mind, which sometimes wants to control me.

I believe that each one of us are tillers of the soil of our minds; if we are creative we can cultivate new roots or shoots that will produce great results. We, each one of us, have been given the tools to create a bountiful harvest but due to our limiting beliefs, we have created a drought instead.

When a farmer encounters a severe drought, he and the region prayers for rain. Maybe it is time for all of us who are lacking a bountiful harvest to pray for help and insight. We are filling our minds with lack and scarcity and unfortunately have very little room left for abundance to filter into our thought process.

It is through the power of God who can and will help us change our beliefs that we can change our outcome. Nothing is impossible to those who believe. When you are willing to remove your limiting thoughts and start to believe that God can work with you in watering and cultivating an abundant life, it will show up. Our subconscious mind thrives on consistency and habit. It we have the habit of thinking lack and shortage of all that we need, we are continually cultivating those results. In order to shatter those negative though patterns and prepare for a new harvest, we must surround ourselves with the right seed thoughts.

Maybe you need to plant seeds of gratitude; that is gratitude for what you have right now, seeds of openness openness to explore new possibilities and even seeds of abundance what does it feel like to have abundance. Those feelings can and will bring a sense of joy to your heart and soul which in turn will open the dam so that more can flow in.

A major hindrance to us being great harvesters is worry and fear. Maybe we need to change our mindset so that we can laugh more. For after all, when we

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are open to let things flow, we are able to harvest more.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, July 11, 2012