How you started is not important

How you started is not important – how you finish is what counts!  You can break the chains that bind you and you can create changes that will transform your life if you make the right choices that will enhance your development and improve your thinking and your life.    You may be facing challenges that seem impossible but I want you to know when you change your words and thinking you will change how you perform.  It definitely takes responsibility on your part. 


The enemy (your negative mental outlooks), cannot over power you unless you give your power away!  You are in the palm of your Creators hand being held, protected and guided.  He is forever invested in you and your success.  You must, however, do your part.  You have free will and that means you have the ability to make choices.  It is your responsibility to do what is right for you if you are determined to reach your highest potential


It has been declared in Psalm 18:16 that Your Heavenly Father will reach down from on high and told hold of you.  He will pull you out of deep waters, the drowning water of despair, depression, fear and/or what ever struggles that seem to be plummeting you into the depth of the earth.  Nothing is impossible with your Heaven Father on your side.  He is more than capable to rescue you!


It is impossible to reach your highest potential when you refuse to do your part.  You may be facing hopes and dreams that seem impossible but with Your Creator on your side, you will get through, you will succeed and you will receive all that your hearts desires.


There is no question that our lives can be challenging and often difficult but nonetheless, you cannot have a victim mentality if you want to have a glorious life. You may have situations that put you at a disadvantage but I want you to know that you can overcome your doubt, fear and struggles when you rise up and without a question of a doubt, believe and be hopeful that your outcome and desire to reach your highest potential is about to happen for you and in your life.


Our Creator will respect our choices and our Free Will.  He can do only so much; each one of us must take responsibility for our attitude and behavior. There can be no room for negativity to take up space in your life.  To transform your life requires you to remain on the path and roadway of positivity. 


I believe your life is about to turn around especially if you do your part and refuse to buckle under pressure.  Continually you must pray for your courage, strength and the wisdom to do what is for your highest and best good so that you will not be defeated.  The key for your success requires that you never lose hope, then surely you will transform your life.


Blog Date: 
Monday, June 12, 2017
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