How much faith do you have?

Faith -Hope stonesWe all think that we have sufficient faith to get us through but in truth, we too often seem to lose faith more often than we maintain it. In our dark hour we lose all hope and faith because everything seems impossible but during those hours of hopeless, God has a way to change anything for us. When it looks impossible, that is when we must have even stronger faith, trust and boldness in our very being to know that God has a plan and nothing is too hard for God to do anything because with God, "Nothing is impossible."

I myself have had many situations in my life that have knocked me down and worn me out and even though I was brought to the point that everything is impossible, I never fail to remember the words: "Nothing is impossible to those who believe in the power of God." I hope you can say the same for your power to believe. It doesn't matter what problem or addiction that may face you or our family, you can make a difference in your life and the lives of your family members when you rise up and expect a miracle in your life.

Take the limits off your thinking and off God because when you believe, in spite of how bad your situation looks, "Nothing is impossible for those who believe in the power of God."

Believe that you can accomplish your dreams. Believe that you will be a success in this lifetime, Believe in the power of God. This is a Divine Universal Principle and in spite of what logic and natural reasoning says, "Nothing is impossible for those who believe in the power of God. So stop complaining and being angry and resentful, believe that you can overcome all challenges because God has a way and He can do the impossible because He is a Supernatural God, the Creator of all that is and all that will be. If you are experiencing a delay in your life or in your situation, don't waiver in your faith. Even if you don't see the end result, believe because for some reason you are being tested. This is the time to continue walking up your mountain you may be challenged and tested right now but push through and keep your passion and strength strong in the power of God. Maybe you are not receiving what you want but God will never desert you and He knows how to get you to your destiny. Stay strong, stay in faith and reflect on the experience that you are going through right now and ask God how to help you know why are you are being challenged right you. If you want to move into the fullness of your destiny, you must do your work, maybe you have a set back and are being tested, but God is watching you, He is preparing you for your greatness and He will continue to keep you treading water if you stop making excuses and start preparing to pass the test; keep doing the right thing and continue to pray for the courage and strength that you need to keep going. In the right time, your prayers will be heard -

God has a plan for your life and He know the perfect timing for you. So I say again, keep strong in your Faith, Believe in the power of God and never lose Hope.


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, November 12, 2014