How to make the right decision for myself?

courage graphicSpeak up and have the courage to do what is right for you. Everyone has opinions and thoughts as to what might be right for you. The truth is no one walks in your shoes and no one can make decisions for you. The most important life choices that anyone of us can make come from our heart and soul because that is the place where the truth is heard. It is the sacred place of your Intuitive powers.

Frequent questions that many often ask: "will I know if the decision I make is right for me and how do I know that I am hearing the right message?" Decisions are only right when they feel good to you and you are satisfied with your outcome. If it feels good to you in your solar plexus area (your abdomen) then it is something you need to peruse. If, however, you have a check in that area and a hesitation, it means that you need to spend more time in discernment and re-think what it is you are hoping to accomplish. Quite possibly what you are seeking is not right for you at this time. As an Intuitive Person, your focus and intention needs to be on you and your feelings. Your job as an Intuitive is not to get caught up with what others are thinking and saying about you but rather for you to listen to your own messages and decide what is important and what might need to be reconsidered.

Utilizing your intuitive talents is a gift and it is poised to create great opportunities for you to take charge of your life and be the Intuitive Expert and master of your ship. Like everything else in life, using your intuitive talents takes practice and you must be comfortable in your skin and your decisions. As an Intuitive Person, it t is so important on a regular basis to check in with your emotions. I am sure there is a signal, a sign or feeling that you get when you are right on and in-tune with your intuitive talents. You can be your own Intuitive Expert, and with time and practice, you will discover the sign, signal or feeling that lets you know you are in balance. I encourage you to make the time to fine-tune your intuitive voice because it will always tell you the truth and you will be able to rely on it always because, in truth, it is your soul working with you to guide your path.

follow your instincts graphicBegin by making some small decisions everyday. When you practice with small things and make sound choices, you will soon begin to understand and know the voice of your intuition. Then you will be better prepared to know and understand how it is working for you and with time you will be better able to respond in a truthful and honest manner.

Spending time in meditation is a sure way to get in touch with your higher talents. Because it is only when you are truly listening that you will be able to know the truth. As you continue to clear out the old heavy and dirty baggage from your past, the Intuitive Expert in you assists you in igniting and strengthening your intuition. Your heart opens wider as you move into alignment and hear your Intuitive Voice in a clear and accurate way.


Anything worth doing in life take time, practice and discipline. Don't get discouraged instead keep practicing.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Monday, April 21, 2014