How do you use your power?

I use word power often in my writing because I want to see you and people like you feel sufficiently strong to handle your affairs and whatever might be thrown in front of you. Just today, I was waiting in the car while my daughter went into a store. In the parking lot, I observed a very overweight young girl sauntering around slowly attempting to do her job for which she is being paid to collect all the shopping carts in the parking area and return them to the designated area. She touched one cart stopped and looked around and paused before she moved on to grab a second cart and the same scene was re-played over and over again. In all, it took her over seven minutes to collect three shopping carts and walk them to the side of the building. Her gait was so slow that it made me wonder if she ever thought about whether or not she has the power to continue on this mission. I paint this picture because I want to let you understand the difference between possessing power sufficiently to do your job, to do it well and with meaning or purpose as vs. barely trudging along in a relaxed manner with minimal desire to make an effort to do a job well because you have no desire to perform at your peak whatever that might be.

I am sure if you take the time to look around you daily, you will make similar observations about some individuals who too, often lack any motivation to get ahead and improve their lot in life. I do not believe it has anything to do with race, education or ethnicity but rather about a desire to seek more out of life and if nothing else but to give your all for the job that you have been assigned to perform for compensation.

Power is simply a flow of Universal energy that moves through our bodies and keeps us alive and functioning. We can function at a high frequency and vibrate with intensity and continuity or we can function at a low frequency whereby we are barely dripping with sufficient energy to sustain us. As a result you become dysfunctional and listless because your power supply is blocked and apathetic.

We have creative energy, focused energy and even a frequency energy that varies depending how we think, act and perceive our lives; and then there is a balanced energy, where you are vibrating in a uniform, steady manner that usually produces a satisfying and effective end result. In a balanced state the individual is usually pulsating in a mentally and emotionally stable condition. If you are near a person who is vibrating at a lower frequency, you are more likely to feel uncomfortable in their presence because their power or energy is too low for you to feel connected and likewise the opposite is true. Fear, worry and a sense of lack are indications of lower energy vibrations and when a person is focused on those states, that person is also feeling powerless and vulnerable. That, obviously, is not a desired state to gravitate towards. If you can feel calm, stable and trusting in the power of the Universal Flow, you are more likely to also feel empowered, self-confident and strong.

When you consciously choose to develop a mindset for your life that encompasses joy, grace, integrity and passion for whom you are and how you want to live, your energy level rises dramatically and you and everyone around you can feel your power.

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People like to gravitate toward those who exhibit a higher vibration of energy because they feel and sense light. This is what the Universal Law of Vibration is all about. Everything in the Universe vibrates at a specific level that defines its quality and characteristic and how you use your power and how you perceive your power will determine at what level you will vibrate. This is an interesting observation and one that we all need to think about. I would love to hear your comments and thoughts.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013