How do you talk to God?

Image of hope and JoyIt is simply an observation but as I was watching the super bowl football game last weekend, I noticed how the various players spent some time communing with their God. Some expressed their feelings by putting tattoos on their bodies honoring God or maybe it is an art form that pays homage to their Source. Others bow their heads and look up to the heavens. Some even bless themselves with the sign of the cross. What really got me thinking was here we have two opposing teams, each one highly qualified to play and win but we all know in the end only one team can be declared the winner. So how does God look at them and us for that matter and respond so that everyone feels satisfied?

In truth, it is all about timing. When it is our time to win or be fulfilled, it happens because that was God's timing for us. In the Universal Flow of life, our prayers and requests are fulfilled according to God's plan for us and sometimes that plan is not what we had in mind. Nonetheless and whether we like it or not, it truly does help when we understand the process of life and how it works.

It definitely takes a great amount of patience. We think we are prepared and ready to receive when in God's eyes, we are still in the infant stages of life and what we perceive as being prepared is a far cry from how He/She sees it. I know in my own life that there have been times when I thought I was ready - willing and able yet when Ididn'tachieve what I was seeking or when what I wanted did not materialize, I soon discovered that I was not in my whole truth. I was far from being prepared and I must admit there have been times when I was only kidding myself. God sees through our smoke screens and he sees the bigger picture. When what I have been praying for and hoping for did not materialize, I realized after the fact, what I was seeking really did not suit my needs or me. I soon saw that my vision is limited and my perception is often clouded.

I have been shown time and again that God always takes care of my needs. I am a slow learner because I still go into worry or fear on occasion but that is when I am shown again that my needs are always met. One of my greatest shortcomings is my lack of pure faith and trust. Because I have been a slow learner it probably has taken me longer to understand how God and the Universe works but over time, I have begin to trust and believe that if I do my part, God will see to it that I will have what I truly desire and crave.

Part of the process of life that each one of us must learn is how to trust God has got our back and that He/She will not let us fall if and when we do our part. You see, God is a caring God but He/She teaches us through tough love. Nothing is handed to us, we need to learn how to work with the process and perform to the best of our ability and that requires trust and a strong belief that it will happen. The timing may not be our timing but it will be the right timing. Believing and trusting in the power of God takes courage. I am constantly saying: "I trust in the process of life I know that what I seek is also seeking me. I know that God has a plan and I am preparing myself to receive what is best for me." Try to say this statement frequently. It will help you learn how to understand the wisdom of God and begin to trust in His/Her ways.

A prayer that Joel Osteen, the minister and televangelist has said is worth noting: "Father, today I put my dreams, desires, hopes and longings into your loving hands. I trust that the vision You have given me is for an appointed time. I know Your timing is best so I will praise You until I see the promise in Jesus' name. Amen

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013