How do you see life?

Do you see the magic that surrounds your life or are you caught up in the doldrums of daily living? Too often we tend to make our lives more difficult by adding on high levels of stress and anxiety mixed with rage or anger and even discontent. We are living the so-called fast-paced life-attempting to keep up with everyone and everything else that we soon lose our way as to what really matters in life and why we are here.  Does a real sense of inner peace elude you?

Sometimes all we need to do to get our thoughts on target is to look at the beauty of nature and the simple treasures that surround us daily. There is magic in a sunrise and power in a sunset. There is magic in the twinkle of someone’s eye, in the giggle of a baby and in the softness of a pet who wants to snuggle with you. 

How do you see life? Are you able to smell the fragrance of a beautiful flower and hear the chirp of the birds that fly in the air? All this can bring a smile to your face and help you slow down your mind so you can simply enjoy the moment. A moment that allows you to breathe in slowly, enjoy a deep sigh or even possibly close your eyes for a minute to just smile and be with yourself.

Just turn on the news reports around the world and you will be getting your fill of the dark side of life, the emotional seesaw that captures our attention. The news makes up a large part of our lives. It feeds our minds, heart, and soul with information that can either fulfill us or drag us down.

We all see and experience those dark emotional scenes that fill our culture and environment at an increasing and alarming pace. We, as a human species, are prone to imitate what we see and hear on a regular basis. If you doubt what I am saying, just look around you because no matter where you turn, violent acts and negative behavior is becoming more of an epidemic in the world. Add all of that to your own personal emotional struggles and you start to experience a breakdown in your own personal psyche. Inner peace and contentment cannot co-exist with negative energy.  It is very difficult to heal our lives, heal our bodies when we are constantly bombarded with negative energy.

If you want to experience a happier and healthy lifestyle for yourself and the world you live in, you will need to wake up and shift your focus and your attention from those experiences that breed conflict and darkness and start building up your courage and strength so you are better prepared to face your core issue(s)-the root of your sadness, unhappiness and discontent. I have been consciously aware and consciously living my life so that I can heal my body and heal my life. It takes effort!  I am the first to acknowledge that; however, I have made it my mission to feel and be free from stress, anxiety and poor health. Making it a habit to be conscious and to keep my senses alive and alert to the tastes, smells, feelings and sensations of nature and the environment around me.  That is how I am working to maintain a life where I can to heal my life, heal my body and welcome the beauty and magic that surrounds me daily.  When we life consciously alert and aware, we also enjoy improved health and sleeping patterns.

When we are out of balance and harmony, we open the channels where negative and dark cells come alive and start to take over our lives. Those dark cells can show up as cancer, heart disease or many other variables.  If we individually want to live a life more fully, we need to make room and space within our core where health and healing energy can thrive, be nurtured and live to its fullest. I encourage you to take a look at the direction you have chosen to follow for your life. The power lies within you to bring forth the change, the healing energy and the shift that is needed if you want to experience a more whole and perfect existence. My Power angels Facebook page: and my personal facebook page/joanmarieambrose offer daily inspirational messages that can help uplift you and your outlook in life. If you and like me sincerely wants to experience a strong sense of inner peace and joy in this lifetime, you will need to work at it. True consciousness living doesn’t just happen-it needs to be feed, cultivated and worked at daily.

Then and only then can you sincerely look at your life and see the magic that is right in front of you. Then and only then will you have the courage and strength to experience a wonderful lifestyle as you heal your body and heal your mind


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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, November 5, 2019