How do you package yourself?

I believe it is important to package ourselves for where we are going and for what message we hope to project to the world. If you look and feel sloppy on the outside, how do you think others perceive you? When I was very young, I observed my mother and the way she carried herself. She never left the house looking messy. She often said to me, observe how others project themselves when they are in the stores or trying to return something and watch the response of the clerks. When a person looks well dressed, they are better received and their messages are more easily heard and carried out but when a person is messy and unkempt, the reception they receive is often less than positive.

Please do not misunderstand me or my point it doesn't take money or a manicure or hair blown out by a salon to acquire the look; rather it takes attitude, imagination and vision to see that the image you wish to project often is not the message that we send out to others. Believe it or not, our appearance does matter.

If you want to live an abundant life and feel wealthy, you must package yourself for those that you wish to attract into your life. Yes, indeed, your attitude does matter think and dress prosperous, get excited about your appearance and learn to walk tall and with purpose. The image you project is the way others see you. Smile, look directly into the other person's eyes when you speak and allow your body

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language to speak volumes.

When my mother had something to return to a store, she carried herself with a certain style that said: "I have something important to say and I want you to listen." People listened and they always responded favorably towards her because she projected a look, attitude and vision that said she was important.

She valued herself and made sure others did too. Isn't it time to move away from mediocrity, feelings of lack and thoughts that block your flow? God and the Universe can only give us what we are ready to receive. If I want to receive my abundance, I must think abundant, I must feel blessed and I must believe that I am a success. She carried herself in such a way that her presence commanded respect and attention.

The vision that you hold of yourself is the image that you project outwardly towards others. Have the attitude that success is coming to you. Believe that you deserve and know you are worthy to have friends and relationships in your life that enjoy the same vision and hold the same dreams.

Shift your mindset. Take charge of your life and make it work for you because the image that you project to others in the world really does matter.

Joan Marie Ambrose
Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, June 28, 2012