How do you love?

Love is both a gift and a task. So how do you love?  If God so loved us that he willingly died for us, then we can learn much from His example and work on learning more about how to love each other.  To heal your life requires you to feel and share love.  It is impossible to truly live in joy and transform your life if you are unwilling to be open to give and receive love.

There is so much pain and hurt in the world and we humans seem to be on a mission to destroy each other rather than help and support each other.  Love is the only answer!

Maybe it is time for all of us to pray for greater love?  It is never too late to learn, grow and change.  Some say it is never safe to love because you will get hurt.  True in some ways, however, to love at all is to be vulnerable.  Whether you are connected to another human or animal, you are vulnerable to them.  We cannot be perfectly safe from others or anything for that matter.

Practice love every single day; one loving act at a time will change your life and enable you to heal your life in numerous ways.  To be better at loving means that you need to take action steps, such as, offer a smile to another, be willing to listen to a child or friend in a caring manner and even to be willing to offer a helping hand to some one who is carrying a burden.    Don’t look for love; instead, open your eyes and heart to see that it is all around you! 

To love others is the greatest rewards you will ever get in your life. Are you getting prepared to make the most out of your life, to manifest in your life more love, joy and contentment?  It is amazing that what the world needs the most yet is too often thought of as something that is foolish, is love.   Anger, horror movies, extreme take out of others for personal gain is the mantra of the day.  Those who seek great fame and fortune often turn a blind eye to the value and benefits that love possesses.  They seem to lack the desire and know how to spread and share love because they haven’t yet recognized its power to heal people’s lives.   

Understanding true love is not as difficult as you might think.  It begins when you change your attitude, behavior and the environment in which you place yourself daily.  If you are seeking to heal your life so you can transform your life, you absolutely need to make a commitment to your mind, body and spirit and state that you willingly choose to welcome more joy and love into your world.

Be a source of encouragement to others!  Open your heart to be both the giver and received of love.  Look at your hands and bless them—let them be the vehicle that will give and receive love, caring and sharing to others as well as to yourself.  When you do, you will see and feel the healing powers of love filling your life!

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, October 18, 2017