How do you fix a problem?

standing at the crossroads of lifeIs the real question how do we fix a problem or is it whose responsibility is it to fix your problem? I know the answer to that question but do you you see, there are a lot of people in the world who put the responsibility on someone else or something outside of themselves when in truth, the answers lies with you. We have been conditioned in this world to let someone else solve our problems. The government is a huge organization that has taken on that task and because of that fact; many people have turned over their rights to that organization to handle their affairs. So is it any wonder when tragedy happens people die or mass violence occurs, we turn to the governmental agencies to solve the problem.

Have you given it any thought as to why people do terrible things to people because maybe if you do you may discover that it is those individuals who have given up on life and are hurting deeply are the ones resorting to extremes in order to alleviate their pain and even destroy themselves along with others in the process. I was just reading an article in USA today newspaper, January 29, 2013 that actually addressed that question and had similar views. In the article it stated that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, antidepressants are now the most prescribed drugs in the USA and that the biggest jump is among preschoolers and adolescents. That fact in itself should stop us in our tracks and cause us to think deeply about why that is happening today in the world.

The governmental agencies and many others believe that the best way to address violent behavior and deep-seated misaligned attitudes and outlooks is by eliminating weapons, medicating people and/or institutionalizing them. That is not a solution, that is actually hiding a secret in the attic and hoping it will go away and disappear. Those individuals are misguided because they think that only outside forces can resolve the problem when in truth the only way the situation will change in the world is when we, as a civilization, look within our souls and willingly and freely take the time to see when the root of the problem took hold.

Each one of us hurts in one form or another and while the pain and discomfort is sometimes severe, it is up to us to find the root of it in order to heal from it. Without a question we can seek the guidance from others but neither the medical profession nor the government can solve your problems---only you have that power. A doctor can prescribe a pill to ease the pain but that only hides the problem in the attic, so to speak, in the hopes that it will disappear. This is what we call managed care. No other human being can get to the root of your problem. That role is designated solely to you. Yes, each one of us have our share of discomforting situations but it is up to us to find the root cause and then seek guidance, support and the tools needed to dig below the root and pull it out once and for all. That is the only solution.

We cannot solve the mental, physical or emotional problems in the world until we grasp that concept, which is, all

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problems stem from the inside of each one of us and grows outwardly. My earnest desire is to live with a flexible and with a healthy and youthful body with minimal discomfort. So if that is my goal then the next step that I need to examine is how am I going to accomplish that feat?

When I finally arrive at that realization, my next question to ask myself is: "What are the steps that I need to take to get to my end result." It is through the steps that I set up for myself and the methodology that I employ that will allow me to reach my goal. I know it will take a great deal of discipline and self-control on my part and possibly even sacrifice, but in the end, it will be my energy and my stamina that will see me through.

People and children despair because they have lost hope hope in themselves and in their abilities. We as a world organization need to examine those issues and take the time, energy and steps to bring hope, trust and the idea that there are advantages and opportunities out in the world for each one of us, if and when we are ready willing and prepared to take the steps needed to make it happen.

It is possible and I believe it can be accomplished but the first steps starts with me. How about it? Are you willing to take that leap of faith too?

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Thursday, February 14, 2013