How do you define success?

Since my grandchildren were 4 years old, I would ask them the question: “What are you doing today to be the best that you can be?”   At first, they just looked blank at me then their expression changed and they smiled---one would say, I helped Mommy clean the house today or I helped my teacher in school straighten the room.  Their minds were thinking about the various possibilities that were available to them to do something that was worthwhile and for the greater good.  Another time, my grandson said, today I wasn’t being the best that I could be because I wanted to tease my sister.  His honesty made me smile yet that thought helped him to understand the value of the principle and the consequences that resulted.  If you want to live a life in great joy and inner peace, you will need to watch were you place your attention and focus.  Life doesn’t improve by itself, it requires you to take positive action steps that will help you transform your life for the better.

 While hosting a workshop of varied age people—from 19 years to 75 years, I asked that same question to the participants.  Several of the older people had the same expression as my grandchildren and their comments were: “No one ever asked me that question before, so I never gave it any thought.”

 As we continued to discuss those thoughts, I saw how the room lit up and many people began to express various possibilities that surfaced in their minds as to how they could implement that practice in their daily lives.  They began to tap into a feeling of inner peace and calm as they saw the promise of transforming their lives for the greater good of all.

 They began to see the possibilities of the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘I can do that’ because it became a game.  Life can be fun, and it can certainly be exciting if and when we are willing, ready and able to partake in the journey daily instead of placing our focus on the end game. 

 In the world that we live in today, most people are not placing their focus on being the best that they can be but rather on how they can manipulate the system, take advantage of someone or something so that they can reach their goal or simply get even. That behavior and approach to life will never lead to contentment or inner peace

We are, too often, only thinking about ourselves and forgetting about the possibility of offering even a winning smile to someone else. It is very often the small, simple gestures that help us get through the day and at the same time sends hope or joy to another. This exercise does not have to be arduous or burdensome but rather it is meant to be uplifting and life altering as you begin to transform your life in a loving and healthy manner.

 We, each one of us, can have a successful day and a successful life if we really want it.  The degree of success is relative and will certainly depend upon how we perceive life and how we participate in it.

 I am here to offer you suggestions and possibly open your hearts and minds to new options and opportunities.  It is up to you to decide whether you want to share in those types of rewards and success stories.  Success is important to all of us but in truth, our success is determined on how we enjoy life and how we participate in it for the greater good of all.  How do you define your success?


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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, April 24, 2018