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Friday, March 9, 2012

As I think about the neighbor of Betty's who I call,"Mr. Don't want to get involved",I began to see images of him in other strangers as well. You see, too often we try to look the other way and ignore others because we don't want to get involved. I am no different. I get so self-involved in my tasks that I tend to ignore what is going on around me. Only yesterday as I was shopping at the market early in the morning, a woman next to me dropped an entire box of small tomatoes and they rolled all over the floor like little marbles rolling in every direction. Everyone around her, myself included, looked the other way and continued on with our shopping. Then I realized how insensitive I was so I returned and bend down to start picking up the little critters that were causing a scene in the produce section of the store. When every last one was picked up the woman looked me right in the eye and said:"Thank you, you didn't have to do that."

I realize that I didn't have to help but my heart felt unpleasant until I reached out and showed a sense of caring and sharing. The woman and I exchanged some pleasant energy and it was a great start to a new day. It was so easy to do and yet it seems that many people feel uncomfortable with helping others. I do not usually get involved in other people's lives but when I see that a helping hand is needed, I have no problem in stepping up.
If we tend to keep our heads down or looking the other way, we often miss a perfect opportunity to reach out and touch the heart of someone else. Research has proven that man's willingness to reach out and help someone has some beneficial side effects; such as, spreading positive energy and heightening self-esteem. In my lifetime, when I have stopped to do something thoughtful for another, I realized that my greatest benefit was that it made me feel better. A huge smile came across my face and I simply just felt good. One simple act of thoughtfulness can shift your energy and send a rippling effect to other parts of the world. What an awesome thought!

I agree with the statement:"Everything is everything." When we begin to know and understand at a deeper level that we are all connected, we will be able to manifest that paradigm shift and change the world, one person at a time. For in truth, when we reach out to others we are actually reaching out to ourselves. So when we share thoughtfulness or kindness or love to others we do it to ourselves as well. What an awesome thought.

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Friday, March 9, 2012