How did you get to where you are?

Family heritageDo you have many blessings today because of your parents or Grandparents or even past generations? We are all influenced by the actions and behavior of others. It is easy to think that we are successful because we are smart and work hard. But do not lose sight of the good example of the past generation who has inspired your life and added benefits to your outcome today. We all live our lives based on the choices that we make. Now is the time to see that the way you live definitely influences your children, your family and all those who are within your sphere of influence.

Our purpose and all of the dreams that we experience or even explore today have been placed in us by God. God is the one who knows what we are capable of doing. God knows our heart and wants us to have all that we desire. However, we all have a responsibility to live our lives to the fullest don't be lazy or abusive of others or of your own talents. Don't take for granted all that you have. God's dream is that every generation advance and benefit from the improvements of the previous one. This is your time to think long and hard about all the blessings you have already received. Know that you are carrying on the torch from the last generation. Now it is your time to do the same for the next generation, that is, show the youth the right values and principles that will help us all be better people. I for one believe in the values of truth, honesty and integrity. I honor my elders, I respect others and my self and I work towards sharing those values with my children and grandchildren.

We don't think about it, but we all benefit from the efforts of the previous generation. The past generations worked hard to give their children and those who came after them the opportunity to enjoy a better life. They had a vision and a strong desire to create a better life. I know that it was always my dream and wish to get my children to believe in the possibility of a fruitful life, to be responsible and caring people and be good and well-intended in all their behavior. Maybe it is time for you, too, to reflect on the question: "How did you get to where you are today?

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014