How to clear your mind from the chatter

This was a question from one of my readers who is having a difficult time clearing her mind from the constant chatter. For many people it is quite natural to be hearing all the chatter and activities that are not only circling around in your head but that which you are physically surrounded by on a daily basis. The reason that happens is because the individual(s) is not grounded in their body and living in the present moment of now. They are continually focusing on what has happened in the past or are projecting the future. To be focused and maintain a clear mind requires you to be disciplined to concentrate on the present moment only and to resist distraction; that state requires practice.

I recently heard a discussion on the necessity of proper sleep. Lack of sleep causes malfunction and when we malfunction, we are vulnerable to receiving incessant mental noise that distracts us and disrupts the flow. Have you ever driven your car and zoned out for the moment and forgot where you were going? Most car accidents occur because people are zoning out and falling asleep at the wheel. Even if you are tired, you can learn to discipline your mind and refuse to succumb to weakness. It is all about taking charge of your mind and holding firm.

You actually can will your mind to focus and stay in the present moment of now, but that requires you to be fully conscious and disciplined. Meditating is a powerful tool to help you develop that discipline and practice. Whether you meditate with an audio program or sit in nature, you can create a process that will quiet the ego mind, feed the soul and bring inner peace and calm to your day and life. When my mind is causing me to become distracted, I give it an assignment. I usually say: "Mind please go and count all of my blessings in this lifetime Thank you." That simple directive frees me to center myself and be present. I utilize that exercise often especially when I have a great many project to complete and I feel fluster and all over the place. You mind is strong and can play tricks on you that is why it is imperative for you to be in control and be the master of your thoughts.

When you learn to be the boss over your mind instead of the other way around, you will be better equipped to zoom in on what is important and filter out those thoughts that are argumentative, fear based or critical and not serving you.

Living consciously being alert and in tune with where your thoughts are going and refusing to play in the gutter are helpful hints to getting you on the right track. The mind needs to be cleared frequently in order to think, see and feel clearly. I have heard many people say that this is difficult to do. I say: conscious practice makes perfect. You absolutely have the power and ability to discipline your mind but like everything else in life, you have to choose to develop your mind and make it happen.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Friday, June 21, 2013