How are you best served-through ego mind or intuition?

Some people put their greatest trust in their reasoning mind - theego mind, which is always self serving. Instead, they should actually put their greatest trust in theirIntuitive powerswhere truth,wisdomand honesty prevail.

Intuitionhas nothing to do with logic or reason, it is all about the voice of theUniversal Truthguiding your way and sending you messages that will direct your path in a creative and uplifting way. Sometimes we ignore and don't evenhear the messagesbecause we are too preoccupied in the material world that we miss the clues but nonetheless, they speak to us and try to give us what we need tobe happy and successful.

If you are not familiar with your intuition and itsgifts, you can easily ignore it and place all of your trust in your reasoning mind, which solicits your attention through fear or guilt, a sense of obligation and/or a need to make others feel good. Your intuition is anatural talentand gift given to each one of us so that we can get a realsense or visionor even a feeling about someone or something in our lives. It helps us discern,make sound choicesor decisions and it absolutely gives us the best solution if and when we are awake sufficiently to hear its voice. Its voice is clear and direct and when you hear it, you experienceclarity of visionandpurpose. It is a consistent and gentle voice that is calming and re-assuring not combative or contradictory. The ego mind is usually saying things like: I need to put that person in its place; I plan on getting even with them and no one is going to do that to me. Scarcity, fear, anxiety and lack are all based on the ego mind whilefeeling positive, moral, hopefuland thrilled or excited about your choices is most often attributed to the intuitive andinstinctive signals or signs.

So how can you tell the difference between the two? Only by practice! There is no quick fix or easy pill only practice disciplineand apatient attitudethat with time you enable you to hear clearly and with a genuine sense of knowing that the messages you are receiving are for your highest and best good.

Without question, it is challenging to discern the difference but I can absolutely guarantee you that with practice and time, you will most definitely learn the difference between the two and when you do, you will trulyfeel the joyand peace that that relationship brings forth.

I encourage you to seek out and ask your intuition to speak to you and help you understand and hear its voice. With time it will show you how to distinguish between self-talk and yourHigher Voice. It often speaks without emotion or judgment; it simply shares the truth and allows you tomake the right choice.

Some key thoughts that will help you know and understand the difference between your ego mind and your intuitive, higher self are:

1. When what you are hearing really feels right and good

2. When you feel like the messages you are receiving give you a sense of relief and confidence

3. When you question the thought or decision but know that it is really truth and justified

4. When you reflect on the thought or decision and it really makes sense as it brightens your heart and you feel content

5. When you feel less fearful and more calm and relaxed knowing that what you are hearing comes from power not weakness

Remember your intuition speaks to you in a quiet voice it never shouts or speaks from anger or fear only from a depth within your soul where peace and love prevail. Make time for this practice and you will most definitely enjoy a morefulfilling and peaceful life.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, March 13, 2013