History is always repeating itself

I have been reading a book entitled: Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. It is about 1942 when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. In America, everyone from the President to

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the man on the street was fearful of any person who was of Japanese decent. So as the story goes, all Japanese were herded up like livestock and sent to concentration camps---retention facilities where they were treated with distain and contempt.

As I was reading, I realized that although the ethnical group of people has changes, the situation has not. People still fear other people today who are different from themselves whether they are black, Muslim or any others who appears to threaten their life styles.

It is the hatred and anger that seems to fuel the lives of so many people it sometimes startles me to see how people can perpetrate those feelings for decades.

As I was reading this book I could feel the deep pain, suffering and fright that took place for these Americans who also happened to be Japanese. I feel as if this is still going on today in many parts of our world and it is heart breaking. So many want to know when will war stop. War will stop when each one of us decides to love, honor and serve all human beings with no difference to race, or religion.

So many are looking for the faults in others and I see a pattern in so many of my own clients who view themselves harshly because of past choices. If you cannot honor and adore your self and work towards healing you- how can you honor and adore another unconditionally?

If we could only let go and heal from the past injustices and pain that has been inflicted instead of continually keeping the event in the fore ground---how much healthier our lives would be. It is just a thought but one, nonetheless that surfaces often---especially when I see people act out so strongly.

I also see how those in power encourage that behavior and in fact add to it by their deception, greed and own desire to stay in control. That is not the way we will resolve the problems of the world; that attitude and behavior only breeds more animosity -anger and resentment. History is continually repeating itself and most of us do not even see the forest from the trees.

Is it any wonder that we have so much physical sickness in the world? We are internalizing all that negative energy and we keep stuffing it into our bodies until it has no place to go so it eats us up, literally from the inside out. Wow--that is not how I want my life to play out and that is not how I want to live. I believe in forgiveness and turning the other cheek. Most of the time it is not about the other person, it is about me healing me. If I am the most important person in my world, and I believe that I am, then why would I continually cause me harm by digesting negativity such as anger, hatred and resentment? What are your thoughts on the subject? It would be wonderful to hear from you.

We tend to blame families for the sins of their members and we do the same to different nationalities, cultures and people. In the book that I just mentioned, it captures the love between a young Chinese boy and an American Japanese girl, who was born in America but nonetheless treated with disdain. How shameful is that? I am no more to be blamed for my father's indiscretions nor are my children for mine yet we do that daily to each other. In the story, the young Chinese boy was disowned by his father because he tried to help this family yet the young boy, Henry, could not understand that point of view. He only saw the pain and suffering of a family and a people who through no fault of their own, was feared, bullied and punished. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012