A highly intuitive person can see through your masks

When you are open and allow your intuition to fully speak, you are able to see through

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the masks of others. So often people hide behind their various masks. It can be a mask of sadness a mask of loneliness or a mask of insecurity and even vulnerability, and when you get found out and are forced to face the truth you scream out in denial. You become angry and resentful that you have been found out that someone was able to see beneath the veil of deception.

Your authentic self wants to feel whole and complete as you live in a state of inner peace. Those character traits or attributes of authenticity are normal and natural to experience and enjoy but too often I have observed people push them aside because their main focus or thrust is to gain material gratification and satisfaction. We some how don't believe that these traits or attributes are needed for our well-being but this is the furthest thing from the truth. I have seen and spoken to many people who have accumulated massive material wealth but are longing to find that inner peace that seems to elude them. Their focus is like a laser beam trying to draw in from all circles of life where enjoyment and gratification lay in wait. These individuals end up lying to themselves and often to those who want to help them focus the flashlight for their right direction. If we could or would slow down long enough to see where the root of the hurt and pain is stemming from, we would be in a better emotional state to tackle the problem head on and experience the solution.

No doctor can truly cure any of us, they have the ability through their skills to cut out, mask the pain or cover it over and then teach pain management. Only you have the power and ability to truly find out the root or the cause of why you are experiencing a problem and then it is only

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you who needs to make the choice to work to bring about the real cure. The true essence of where your weaknesses stems from springs forth from the core or basis of your existence and only you can heal it and bring yourself into alignment where wholeness resides.

So I guess what I am saying to you is don't shoot the messenger. He/she only has the insight and wisdom to see where the real problem stems from but you have the power and the courage to alter your life and your destiny.

Never believe that it is hopeless, that is utter nonsense. We are never to old to learn and never too old to change. I, myself, believe that I will learn something new on the day that I die. It is a marvelous thought to be able to experience something new each and every day.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012