Have you started the process of dying?

Age has nothing to do about this process; your mental attitude has everything to do with it!  I have chosen to follow my greatest purpose for my life. I have chosen to focus my thoughts on that which  will help me reach my highest potential and I refuse to give into the enemy of my mind, body or spirit.  I have become my own life coach for my life.  When my thoughts drift towards doubt and fear, I catch myself and re-direct my thoughts to move towards how rich and full my life is right now. I coach myself to stay positive and only allow good and wholesome thoughts into my mind. I prefer to count my blessings instead of counting my fearful and hurtful past experiences. 

I firmly believe that everything in life is only an experience—they are not my destiny or pre-determined end results.  I continually say,: ”God has destined me to reach my  highest potential.”  I coach myself so that my life will stay focused  and strong and I am determined to live that way daily.  I have had my share of poor relationships, those who have put me down, who have told me I was not good enough or worthy enough but now I know that all those statements are a lie.  I am more than enough!  I am worthy and I know without a question that I will reach my highest potential in this lifetime because that is what I choose for myself.  Now I choose to develop healthy and good relationships with those who lift me up, encourage me and like me for who I am.  As my own relationship expert it is important and most valuable for me to stay focused only on the positive. 

 Don’t let the limitations of those around you stop you from fulfilling your destiny. And don’t allow your mind to take you out!   Do your part and start feeding your dreams.  Create a healthy relationship with with your self and become your own relationship expert.   Don’t use your energy to feed your history including your doubts or fears.  Instead use your energy to reach the fullness of your destiny.  The process of dying begins the moment we give up on ourself and move towards the door od lack, hopelessness and despair.  I hope you will take responsibility for your thoughts!



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Blog Date: 
Saturday, March 3, 2018