Have you ever walked a labyrinth?

Walking the labyrinth is an ancient spiritual act that has been re-discovered in many different places in the world and brought to light for the present day cultures to utilize, enjoy and meditate upon. Throughout the Middle Ages, labyrinths were found in many Churches and Cathedrals. Labyrinths in China date back to 1000 B.D. and the design is found within the cultural heritages of Syria, Greece, India, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Egypt and the Scandinavian countries. Two of the most well known are the Cretan and Charters, the latter being an 11-circuit ,geometrical design on the floor of the Charters Cathedral in France.

Walking the labyrinth is quite a unique experience, one that will last a long time because it helps you discover your center and your true identity. Very often, a person will experience renewal, increased energy, clarity combined with a willingness to act in new and refreshing ways. The labyrinth is a walking tool, a meditative tool that can bring deep spiritual enrichment and rebirth. There are actually no rules when walking the labyrinth because it is a personal sacred journey that is unique to each one of us.

For me, I discovered that the labyrinth is a wonderful centering tool that allows me to experience inner peace and calm within my soul as I walk and travel along its path. A labyrinth offers one pathway in towards the center. When walking the labyrinth, you begin to realize that the path serves as a metaphor for one's personal journey. The walk and all that happens on it can be grasped through the intuitive, pattern-discerning faculty of the person walking it. The seeker is only asked to put one-foot in front of the other and without judgment as you allow your feet to bring you closer to your soul. By stepping into the labyrinth, we are choosing, once again to walk the spiritual path, a crucible of change, a meditative tool, a blueprint where psyche meets soul.

Some people have built a labyrinth in their gardens; others have placed them in their parks and churches so that other can also enjoy

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their benefits. The most important thing to remember is that labyrinths are personal and as you walk on its pathway it will speak to you for it is your personal journey that will speak and resonate with your soul.

There is no right or wrong way to experience a labyrinth. It is all about you on you.

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That is the best part of the journey. Some people have asked how can a labyrinth benefit me. That is easy users say that their experience has reduced addiction stress allowed them to relax and heal. Others have used it as a meditative tool that enabled them to grieve with comfort as they reflected on their lives and still others have been able to experience solutions to their problems. There is no one answer to the quest that people are seeking but with the labyrinth many have found calm and peace.

I encourage you to seek out places in your area that might have a labyrinth to walk and find the same inner peace and calm that millions have in the past. However, if there is no place near where you live, I suggest that you build your own. It is so easy and simple a few stones or rock will serve as a perfect format to facilitate your journey. I, myself, have created a dynamic finger labyrinth that has assisted millions in the hospitals throughout the world. You can create a sacred place within your environment that will serve you and those you love. This is the perfect opportunity for all to experience steps toward inner peace, creativity and healing.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Blog Date: 
Friday, July 13, 2012