Guilt causes you to struggle!

Guilt will keep you from your destiny!  Feeling unworthy and doubtful is of no value to you and will cause you more harm. 

Shake off the guilt and start preparing for your greatness!

If someone is bringing up negative things from your past, it is not a message from your God but from the enemy.  You cannot drag your yesterday’s failures into the present and reach your highest potential.  Isn’t it time to stop pushing yourself down and begin to manifest for your life all that will bring you joy and a wonderful sense of peace. 

Guilt is harmful!  Feeling worthy and building your self-esteem will lead you closer to your goals as you are announcing to the world that you have a purpose and a reason for being alive.  Be bold in your positive thinking and positive actions.  Guilt and condemnation are erroneous and negative emotions that will stop you from reaching you

r highest potential.  Now is the time to step up and step out as you declare your true identity—you are worthy because you are a child of the Almighty Heavenly Father.

Harmful emoti

onal beliefs will weigh you down! No wonder you are having a hard time trying to manifest in your life!  When you are bogged down with guilty emotions you are blocking the gifts that are waiting for you to receive.  Sometimes we think that we need to be burdened with negative emotions because of our behavior or actions but onc

e you ask for forgiveness, you are being uplifted and given mercy.

It is time to let go and believe that you are absolved and released from the shortcomings you have experienced and felt.  Start receiving the mercy and graces that are waiting for you. To get back in the game of life and manifest all that you desire, you need to move forward, gain in confidence and be bold.  

Don’t be a slave to your mind—don’t believe the lies that you are hopeless and  have gone too far off your course.  You may have made mistakes, let’s be honest, we all have but your past experiences are not meant to condemn you or cause you to struggle with guilt; they are placed in front of you to teach you lessons.  Stop beating yourself us and remember it’s time to say:  “To manifest in my life and reach my highest potential, I must walk in the spirit that with forgiveness, I can start over again and prepare to receive my greatest good.  Isn’t it time to get rid of your struggles and believe you deserve to be happy?


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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, June 28, 2017