A grateful heart leaves no room for negative seeds

Are you a person who is continually worried or fear-based like, what if this happens or that happen? You unfortunately allow your imagination to run wild and send your energy in so many directions as you think about too many things that can happen that just might be troublesome or even be problematic.

Maybe it is time to change your focus and start thinking about all those things for which you are grateful. For example, when you wake up in the morning, why not start your day by mentioning at least 5 things for which you are grateful. Maybe it is having a warm and cozy home and comfortable bed, or a kitchen than can produce a warm cup of coffee or tea; how about a car that gets you to the office or a place to buy your groceries, and oh yes, a Mom, Dad or family member that thinks about you and loves you.

It might be helpful to remember that the seeds of worry or fear cannot take hold in a grateful heart. When we fill our thoughts with gratitude, our thoughts are full of bounty, there leaves no room for doubt, regret or worry to take hold and grow.

Let me ask you an important question Why are you postponing the joy in your life by allowing fear and worry to control it? I have said this often, but it is the greatest truth that anyone can say each and every day we get to choose how we want to lead our lives. We can allow our imagination to take us out or we can control it and place in its path that which will cultivate a positive imagination.

We all need help---help in setting our sights in the right direction; maybe we need help in realizing the right path to follow or even help in understanding that we can change our course if we consciously make an effort to try.

I believe it is

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important to realize that hope is the direct opposite of despair. Hope can and will change our thoughts, our feelings and our sense of being if and when we are willing to say, yes yes, I am interested in looking at life in a different way and yes yes, I want to try.

Isn't it time to stop

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battling the negative side of life and start celebrating all that which can bring you joy? I know it is time to redirect your imagination and your focus on that which will foster your greatest joy. We all deserve to have those experiences and we all want them, so today, I say, stop fighting your heart and surrender to all that will encourage you to smile, feel joy and a sense of deep love within your heart. I know you deserve it and I want you to have it now.

Joan Marie Ambrose
Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, June 28, 2012