Grasp life and never let fear stop you from experiencing its beauty

Monday, March 26, 2012

I love those words but what do they really mean? What are they saying and how can I embody them and allow them to mold and shape me into the person I want to become?
It requires introspection, insight and intimacy into one's soul. What do we need to do to really feel whole? Aha, a great thought and one that I have actually spent time thinking about. Eight years ago, I left all that I knew and
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moved across country simply because I needed to be alone and find that missing part of me that got lost somewhere along the way on my journey through life. I actually enjoyed my own company and through this process I found new friendships and a new environment in which to heal my mind, body and spirit. I spend a great deal of my life trying to please others and as a result, I discovered that I wasn't pleasing me. I wasn't feeling whole or complete inside and I didn't like that realization.

You may not need to move across country, but you actually will need to move across that great divide between what your soul needs to feel healthy and what your Ego mind tells you. You see, our Ego minds like us to stay in the status quo and that state usually includes confusion, lack and uncertainty. The ego, which we all need, is about separation and our higher self is about connection.
The process of learning to connect within your being is very freeing. It is the peeling of many layers of doubt, insecurity, inadequacy and many other limiting beliefs that prevent us from experiencing its beauty. It is in your personal interest to grasp life in its purest sense and in so doing tune into the Laws of Harmony, Intention and Acceptance. When we know and understand how these laws work, we actually begin to resonate with the natural beauty of all that is.
These feelings of completeness come from the inside of a person and radiates outwardly. It comes from the self- realization that I can stand on my own two feet and feel whole and at peace all by myself. Yes, of course, I welcome friendship and companionship but that does not make me whole; it is rather the wholeness in me that wants to be shared with love and respect that radiates from the inside and vibrates outwardly.
The key for me, and in fact for all of us, is to know this freedom even in our present lives; this is possible. When I willingly spend time getting to know this part of me that craves to feel content, at peace and filled with a distinctive kind of joy that some how is essential to one's self-fulfillment, I encounter a special feeling within my core that seems to say: "You are having a magical day." That there is something going on inside of me that is radiating outward and I am in sync with the Divine. At that moment I am grasping life in all its glory and its beauty is flowing out of me. It is not about censoring myself but more about sharing and caring in a wholesome and respectful manner.
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Monday, March 26, 2012