God has a strategy


man seeking hopeGod is listening to your prayers, your hurts and your pains. True faith is trust in God when it doesn't make sense. We may not understand what is happening, we may not see a reason why our life appears to be sliding backward and even failing, that is okay because you are being re-shaped and re-directed towards a better tomorrow. We may never know why something is happening but His plan for our life is Good and someway along the path that we are now following, we are being directed through faith to trust God, believe that He has a plan and know that God knows what he is doing for us. God has a strategy. It may not seem logical or even understood with the reasoning that most humans understand but the Universal Force sees the bigger picture and knows the outcome.


Dream big, Believe hugely, have strong faith and one day you will see the bigger picture too and then you will know that your outcome was far greater than the one you had initially envisioned. Why not make your life an adventure. Don't be disappointed but rather be in gratitude that God is taking over and re-designing your journey because he knows what you are seeking and He wants to help you get there.


The hardest part of the journey for most of us is in the understanding that we are going to get there according to God's plan not ours. Part of the lesson is believing that God is working for you not against you and that He is going to give you the fullness of your destiny. So I encourage you to walk with gratitude and appreciation. Be diligent but be trusting. Don't be angry or sour about the ways things are going. In the short term it may not look good but with time you will see how everything is working for your advantage. Watch your attitude and don't be discouraged. You may be walking in the darkness and the depths of the valley where you are uncomfortable and vulnerable. That is the direction that you need to travel in right now so that you can rise up to receive your abundance. We all go through adversity and challenges before we arrive at the other side of the valley where abundance and beauty will be most fulfilling.


So if for a time in your life you are jumping over hurdles and feeling down and befuddled, don't let your emotions take you out. Instead, stay calm and relaxed. The answer is Trust that God has a plan. Everything is working for your good but sometimes we need to go through these times in order that we reach our fullest.


Usually every set back is not the enemy. It is our realization that God is deliberately placing the obstacles there because he wants us to change our direction and re-arrange our thinking. Sometimes it is through difficulty that we are being prepared to discover our higher best. God works in mysterious way. That is what Faith is all about. Maybe God is testing you right now. Are you up for the challenge?


Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker


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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, January 21, 2015