Giving Praise to our Creator is Powerful

peace imageSometimes in life we are only focused on complaining that we forget to be in gratitude for what we have at this time. We all seek more but even in our stressful moments we all have something to be appreciative of maybe it is that we have good health, or food in our stomach or even that the sun is shinning today and warming our hearts.

If we are constantly complaining and being in a negative state of anger or resentment, we are pushing the blessings and abundance further away from us. The way to move forward and be open to receive more blessings is to be in continual gratitude.

Do you remember to thank God for all that you have and be in continual appreciation for all that you experience? God always listens to the praise. The more you express your gratitude and praise to God, the more your life will open up and be full of increase. It doesn't matter if it is in small ways or large ways that you express this gratitude and blessings, what matters most is that you are grateful for what you have even if in this moment you do not have all that you want.

Why not try a different approach? If you want to receive your highest potential, you need to express your appreciation for all that you have at this time. We all want to grow and increase our circumstances in life but the most important principle to understand is that we need to learn what it means to be grateful

for what is placed in front of us even though we know it is not what we are seeking. The principle means that we must be grateful for where we all and for what we have right now. Don't get discouraged instead be in the knowing that eventually things will change and improve for you and at the right time your life will improve and be blessed.

man seeking hopeThe praise and gratitude must be said all the time in order to get our message heard by our Creator. Never hold back on giving thanks to God. Never hold back on honoring God for the goodness He is bestowing on you. Never hold back even if you are not feeling abundant. God is listening to you and He will not forsake you. Believe-Trust and have Faith that you will receive your fullness. Keep praising and be in gratitude before and after you receive. God always listens to the praise. He always appreciates your praises and He always pays attention to those who acknowledge Him and all that He has given you up to this time. We all have something to be thankful for in life. Express your gratitude and appreciation for what you have continually and you will see that your abundance will soon increase. "Complain and you will remain, praise and you will be raised". Joel Olsteen


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Blog Date: 
Monday, October 27, 2014