Finding the Sacred in Everyday Life

Finding the sacred in everyday life contributes to your power to heal your life.  Sacred literally means worthy of respect. We sometimes lose sight of that in life.  From the smallest grain of sand to the black jumping spider atop Mount Everest, there is sacred in every thing that surrounds us.  In our living environment, we commonly brush aside minute but meaningful encounters between nature and ourselves. And when I speak of nature, I mean all things living...all things that are sacred and critical to how we think, feel, act, or speak.  How many times have you observed a gentle rainfall, a squirrel at play, or a child's giggle?  These, as well as many other living emotions, actions, and growth are vital to what makes us unique as individuals. We

How we react to life or  even  our observations of life and its many wondrous works is how we determine our present and our future.  Finding the sacred in everyday life is being able to step outside the box and carefully digest what it is we are encountering at that precise moment in time.  Nature is a sacred healing mechanism that allows each one of us the opportunity to heal our lives.  When observing the beauty and complexity of the various aspects of nature, for the few seconds we take to truly "see" the wonder of life's vital energy force, we discover that time is infinite.

Another way to find the sacred in everyday life is to reflect on the happy moments you've experienced. Happy positive thoughts offer us the opportunity to release stress and tension, which in turns contributes to our innate power to heal our life. Think about a recent adventure or any trip for that matter. Did you laugh? Did you cry?  Were you inspired?  What about the last time you read a good novel, or watched an inspirational film? Perhaps you just sat by your windowsill and watched bright streaks of lightening light up the night sky.  Finding the brilliance in every ounce of what you've done, where you've gone, and what has enlightened you is how we begin to see the sacred in everyday living.

Imagine how life would be if it weren't for the infinite potential of what awaits you outside your comfort zone.  Step outside of your box and realize the sacred in everything growing, living, and flourishing.  These are all an essential part of the continuity of the Universal flow of energy.  Right this very moment...take a long look at your life and see the bounty that it has provided to you.  Here and now are all we have; and when we live here and now with a spirit of adventure, an open heart and an enlightened mind, the world becomes our oyster. 


 Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Thursday, December 15, 2016
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