Fear Destroys

I can attest to those words first hand. I was traveling on one of my ���adventures' to Egypt approximately 12 years ago where the atmosphere is not much different than it is today--- Armed guards---police with machine guns and intimidation were the images that I saw. I was traveling alone right before I joined a group of other travelers who wanted to visit the sacred and energy-centric sites from the past. While I was excited and exhilarated to partake in this adventure, I was afraid and my fear did me in. The first night in Egypt we were met with rigid faced military men who herded us like cattle and refused to allow any assistance for the passengers with their luggage. Our bus was waiting to take us to the hotel where we were invited into the lobby and then heavily chained doors were engaged not to keep us in but to keep us safe and keep the thugs out.

I actually didn't know the difference---fear is fear and I allowed my imagination to get the best of me. At the time, I had no idea that my room was directly across from the hotel police station. In my room I was feeling uncomfortable to say the least but most of all vulnerable and unprepared for what I was experiencing. That evening in my challenged state of mind, I tripped out of the high lip tub and injured myself severely. Calling the front desk for ice and help because my face was all black and blue as were other areas of my body. The clock was ticking and in the morning we were to board a plane to Luxor, another region that we were exploring.

I was unable to walk---I was unable to move. My body was racked with pain and all that night I was holding ice packs and sitting on ice to help relieve the pain and control the swelling. The message that I received from my Higher Self was: " Fear Destroys!"

I immediately realized that it was my fear that allowed me to let down my guard and self-destruct. I fell into the trap that fear leads you toward. Fear works on your lower based emotions. It stops you from being in control and damages your state of mind. For me, it debilitated my reasoning, fed into my weaknesses and sent me imagining only the worst scenario instead of grounding my energy, thinking clearly and acting in a prudent and basic common sense way as I asked my angels and God to protect me and keep me safe and secure. What I learned was that fear prevents the truth from being spoken.

I failed myself and I paid the price of my lack of trust and faith in my Higher Source. In fact, I was not even thinking about that---I simply wallowed in fear doubt worry as I wondered what am I doing here. In truth, I had nothing to fear. I was safe, surrounded by capable people and above all, I had God who actually kept me safe. It was me who was out of control, out of sync and definitely acting like a coward and weak child.

Over the years, I have thought about that moment in time and the lessons learned. I have never forgotten the message that I heard: "Fear Destroys!" Because I felt its pain and its message in a clear and vivid way, I know that I will never fall into that trap again.

Now I am mature and wise enough to place all my faith and trust in God. I have been clearly

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shown that He/She is in control of my life. I am protected, safe and secure. There is nothing else that I need to concern myself with. I walk the walk daily knowing and trusting that God has got my back. I am not alone and in fact, I feel completely safe and secure.

This is a true story and I hope that it will help you believe and know that you, too, have the same protection and the same guidance as I. Fear does destroy! Don't let that happen to you.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Tuesday, June 4, 2013