Falling In Love with the Unknown

In life, it has become obvious that many people are afraid to trust. Trust the unknown, trust those they love or are afraid to love, trust that they will get the job promotion or simply

to trust in themselves that they will succeed in what they are seeking. It takes a great deal of inner strength and courage to trust that the Universal Source will help you and guide

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you towards deliverance.

Trust is a small word yet it has a huge and powerful meaning attached to it. To trust means to be able to believe in the truth, reliability and/or strength of someone or something. To go even deeper, trust is having faith that the one who created you will never desert you and will always help you on your journey but there is a caveat here if you fail to pay attention and be in alignment with Creator, those words cannot be fulfilled. In other words, you cannot receive the gifts that are destined for you to receive.

So again, what is trust? It is believing even when something seems unbelievable or impossible

That all is working for your highest and best good and in the highest and best way. It is understanding that even in the unseen, a plan is unfolding for you to follow and it is knowing that the plan will be revealed to you as you begin to listen and follow the clues.

The word ���trust' cannot be spoken or thought of in a hollow or shallow simplistic manner. Its meaning holds dearly the integrity, values and principles that set one above another. For it is only with the highest degree of trust in your God that you are able to rise above the challenges and obstacles that cause us to stumble and falter.

Some have said that there are many levels of trust. I disagree. As far as I am concerned, you either trust or you do not and let me tell you, when it comes to God, you cannot rationalize in degrees. This is not a concept that you understand immediately, it takes time to build trust but, I have discovered, that when I was ready to go to the next level of understanding and wisdom, I began to realize what I needed to do and the action steps that I needed to take in order for me to truly trust, believe and let go of the outcome. As I have been able to acknowledge and accept this truth, I have also been better prepared to walk my walk and talk my talk.

I believe it is all about character building. I have been continually building my confidence, strengthening my resolve and cultivating a more honest relationship with God. My results have been astonishing; however, I must say, this exercise in trust is not for the weak of heart and it certainly is not for those who thrive on putting their interests above all others yet when you walk with a pure heart you will most certainly be rewarded in ways far greater than you can imagine.

It takes a strong sense of self to be able to trust in such a deep way and know that you are loved without limitation. I hope you will explore this statement that I am asking of you and see how it will help you re-define your value and worth. For it is only when you know without a doubt that you are guided and protected that you are able to trust the unknown and with excitement feel its love.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, May 2, 2012