Even if things aren't going your way, you still can be happy!

smile graphicHappiness is a state of mind! Just because you are feeling in poor health or your life isn't exactly coming up roses, you can still maintain a happy to be alive attitude. It is a matter of you willing it and faking it till you and your mind, body and spirit believe it.

You see the world doesn't change all that much if you have more money, more friends, a better job or wonderful vacations planned. The way you feel about life comes from the inside out. That is why we hear of so many wealthy people who are lonely, depressed and completely unhappy. They have not learned that all the window dressing does not create the perfect scene. The satisfaction and contentment has its foundation inside your heart and soul and when you feel good about who you are, it shows outwardly.

Unfortunately too many of us are caught up in the turmoil of the world around us that we fail to see the damage that that type of news affects our state of mind. You have the power within you to change your mind set and you have the power within you to refuse to listen to the negative news, watch negative and violent shows and movies and re-capture your state of mind and well-being so that you can feel better inside and out.

It takes practice to change your point of view from down and out to uplifting. So begin today to practice new habits. Begin to appreciate what you have right now. Just this morning I was on the floor doing my stretching exercises when I looked out the window and instantly thought to myself I am grateful that my eyes can see and my heart can feel the beauty of the earth before me. As I said those words, I felt my energy rise and my state of mind uplifted. I appreciate the view that was in front of me. This can happen to you, too, if you choose to shift your thoughts to gratefulness, appreciation and a genuine sense that you are blessed. When you find reasons to be happy, you set the tone within your cells, your mind, body and spirit to express and experience more positive feelings.

The more you fill your thoughts with positive feelings and energy, the less you dwell on the negative. In truth, the negative thoughts begin to become weaker and weaker and as a result have less of a pull on your state of mind. Yet it isn't only your state of mind that benefits from your conscious shift in attitude and behavior, it is also your health and state of well-being that begins to improve.

want change graphicAre you aware that we create our own sickness and disease by releasing those negative cells in our bodies? Yes through your words and your thoughts so shall you live so if you are constantly thinking and speaking painful, negative and critical thoughts , words and actions, you body begins to pick up on what you are saying and acting out and moves into that same energy field and begins to self-destruct.

We too often take our bodies for granted until they become compromised and challenged! I encourage you to read and reread this article and begin to take it to heart. Choose to be happy now and express to yourself constantly thoughts and words that will improve your outlook, your state of mind and at the same time enable you to enjoy more days of good health.

That is my wish for you.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Friday, June 20, 2014