Don't live your life always looking in the rear view mirror

lie in the presentFor those individuals who are always comparing the present moment with their past fantasies, they are living their lives by always looking in the rear view mirror; that is, the past. The past is the past and will never be the present again no matter how hard you try to re-create it. Your past is over---done and cannot be re-lived. In life we all deal with some kind of loss and yes it can cause a set back for you but I encourage you to take that loss---and recognize it simply as an experience that you lived; believe that what is taken away from you happened because something even better is coming your way. Everything in life has an expiration date and each one of us has a contract that must be fulfilled. Before we are born, we agree to work on our project while on earth, which is our purpose and our ideal function for being and we also agree to accomplish our task within a defined time frame. Unfortunately when we come through the birth canal, we forget all about the contract and our agreement and then our journey begins ��to remember that which we need to accomplish and fulfill. This may sound weird to you; however, it is true. So that when you continually keep looking in the rear view mirror of your past life, you lose focus and purpose and forget to continue on your path in a purposeful and meaningful manner.

My words of encouragement to you are: Allow the rear view mirror to simply be a guide post to you. Now is the time to start concentrating on the road ahead, because otherwise you may be missing all the signs that will lead you in the right direction.

I understand that letting go is not easy for many people, but like everything else, it takes practice, patience and discipline to stay in that mindset. Just remember, a child is not born one day and walks the next. That, too, takes time, practice, patience and discipline. Just know that what is in front of you is more important than what is behind you. Some people find the unknown to be fearful but I would rather look at it as an adventure. New experiences and encounters are exciting and can open doors to new opportunities, friendships and an arena that could quite possibly be what you have been seeking all along.

Allow your present moment to empower you to move further forward on your journey and start believing that your new tomorrow is upon you. Listen to inspirational messages or stories, surround yourself with people who are motivational and uplifting. Become a champion of your new way of thinking, acting and believing. You will soon discover that as you look forward on the windshield of your life, your vision becomes brighter, clearer and more rewarding. Do you let the past shadow your world. Hold the beautiful memories deep within the recesses of your heart, but allow your present to light the way for the joy and happiness that is right in front of you.

Joan Marie Ambrose -- Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Saturday, July 26, 2014