Don't let your ego mind take you out!

We too often get caught up allowing our ego mind to run the show and dictate our choices but the truth be known that when you listen to your inner voice, your intuition, you never are misled. Just the other day I was counseling a client who was attempting to make some business decisions in her life that would move her further in her pursuit of inner growth and wisdom and that will also bring her great positive change when all of a sudden she got very agitated and went in a down hill spiral.

Fear and anxiety took her out and she crashed. Later the next day she called to say that she had a terrible night sleep; she became extremely up set and her emotions were going wild. She actually was in a state of panic before she realized that her ego mind was playing havoc on her entire conscious and unconscious level.

My comments to her went something like this: Fear destroys. How unfortunate it is that your ego mind is taking you out big time and you have fallen into its trap. Your extreme reaction is caused because of your unconscious fear of moving forward in your life. You are ready for a huge breakthrough but you are constantly fighting your higher self. It is as though the good angelic energy is battling the dark and repressive energy that likes to keep you the way you are.

If each one of us would learn the difference between our ego mind and our intuition, we would be better prepared to emotionally and physically handle our lives. Our ego mind likes to keep everything the way it is in the status quo. The ego mind doesn't like change. It believes that its main function is to keep us in check because it is most comfortable in that role while on the other hand, our intuition which is also called our inner voice or our gut feelings wants to see us reach our full potential. It is always leading us towards the light where new possibilities and inspiring thoughts are highlighted.

The key for all of us is to learn the correct tools that will allow us to discern between the two aspects of ourselves and to also learn how to quiet the ego mind so that you are better prepared to experience your joy.

If you are one of those individuals who is seeking to live life with inner peace and joy, I have a suggestion for you. My daughter, Joan Marie Whelan will be teaching an intensive and in depth teleclass on this very process starting in January. It is a 5-Month Intuition Series that will be interactive, personal and

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extremely rewarding because it will give you the tools that will open your mind and heart to your higher self.

The key in life is to feel happy and safe as we move forward on our journey. If you seek that for yourself, quite possibly this Program is for you. Joan Marie is an Intuitive Master, a Medium and Psychic known around the world for her gifts and talents. For 5-Months, those who participate in the series will have access to her and her wisdom. If you think you might want to learn more, please go to : and CLICK on the Master Level Training Program. You will never regret it.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

Blog Date: 
Wednesday, December 11, 2013