Don't let the strokes of hatred color your life

The meaning that we give to our lives is something we create day by day in the way we act, think and allow our beliefs to color our point of view.

Each one of us has been given a paintbrush and a pallet filled with an array of colors to meet our needs and desires but it is for us to choose how we want to have our picture turn out. We have the opportunity to create a masterpiece with our brush strokes, whether we believe it or not. You see, you can use strong, forceful strokes of anger, resentment and the biggest of all, unforgiveness to express yourself or you can use purposeful yet soft strokes of kindness, compassion and willingness to accept another's point of view without malice or judgment.

When we act out expressing negative emotions we allow our dreams to be kidnapped, that is, taken away from us due to our destructive energy yet on the other hand when we express ourselves in a healthy and positive manner, we send out signals that say only the non-judgmental, open minded personality need apply.

Awareness is one of the first steps toward recognition that a bleak picture actually exists. Acceptance is a second step that leads towards understanding that you have within your power the ability to change. Compassion and tolerance is the third step towards opening your heart and soul to creating a balance and harmony in sync with Creator and the last and most important step is feeling a degree of love for even those whom you do not like because that one virtue is the lynch pin that holds all the others together for your highest and best good and in the highest and best way.

Stop setting yourself up to imprison your life but instead become conscious of openly setting yourself free to express strokes of light and fruitful energy that will brighten up your day. We all could use some help in creating a colorful yet brilliant work of art; we only need to be open to seek it out, open to receive the gift and openly express gratitude when everything flows perfectly.

Let us color our lives with shades of laughter and joy, add a little humor for texture and spice and some knowledge and wisdom for depth and contrast. When we put all of our colors together, the picture that stands before us might surprise us. I encourage you to close your eyes and visualize what kind of picture you wish to create. No one can create your masterpiece for you; it is yours and yours alone and no one can take your place. So stand up straight, pull out your paintbrush and start arranging the colors that best express the person that you want to manifest.

Joan Marie Ambrose
Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Friday, April 27, 2012