Don't let life get you down

Many people have fallen into a state of fear and extreme worry. That is a normal and natural happening and feeling to experience, especially with the recent disasters that have happened. With the aftermath of the great storm that devastated a large portion of the United States my heart goes out to all those who are experiencing a loss. While so many are in pain and disbelief, I believe it is important to stay grounded -breathe deeply and choose to keep your emotions in check so that you can make sound choices and decisions. To experience disaster is difficult enough but to loose focus and perspective can be devastating. So I am here today to tell you that you are not alone and that you are in my prayers and the prayers of millions of other people around the world.

The most important thoughts to keep in mind are human life is priceless, but your belongings and things are merely stuff that can be replaced with time. We all like to acquire and collect but when we are able to maintain a clear sense of balance, we begin

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to realize that all material belongings are replaceable.

When disaster strikes, we often tend to blame or question God. It seems easy to get angry and yell at that Force which we can't grab onto or shake but in truth, we are a part of that same force and the experiences that we are facing is simply that, an experience. It is or was something that we needed to go through so we could learn from it, grow with it and disassociate from it in a way that is healing and purifying.

Natural disasters are always happening, sometimes we are not aware of them but because of our global media connection, we have grown to see and hear

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about happenstances instantly and some how they even seem to be occurring more frequently. A major key or message to understand is feel the pain but then move away from it. Release it and allow God to work with you and through you during this time of healing. I have offered 6 (six) free meditations on this BLOG site for all of you to use for your personal healing, for you to experience and even for you to grown in courage and strength. Some of you have taken advantage but most of you have ignored them and yet there is great power in their message and wonderful healing in their words. So once again I encourage you to take advantage of the six angel meditations. I can guarantee that you will benefit greatly but that will never happen if you don't choose to try.

Angels are powerful messengers sent from God to help all humans on their Earthly journey. Some are angels of protection some are angels of empowerment or love or clarity of vision. I do not care who you are or what stage of life you are in, the angels will stand by your side and assist you if you ask for their help.

As I watched the destruction playing out on the various media channels, I realized that the angel meditations could benefit people all over the world, so I invite you to share them with anyone you know. I am sure they will thank you.

Joan Marie Ambrose

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Thursday, November 1, 2012