Don't let anyone today ruin your day

At the start of each day you have to make up your mind to make it a wonderful day. When you rise out of bed in the morning bring a smile to your face and spirit, and be grateful that you have another day to try something new. For me, that is a wonderful thought. Don't let anyone or anything today ruin your day. If someone annoys you or tries to bully you or even tries to get in your face, don't get upset and don't lose your cool.

Everyone is not going to like you or understand you---don't pick a fight with those who try to distract or suck on your energy. That is a battle that you are not supposed to get involved in. In fact, don't waste your time on those who don't like you some people have their own agenda---stop trying to win every one over to your side that, too, is a waste of valuable energy. It is impossible to make everyone like you----your job is to have peace with others, as you are being responsible to use your energy and talents to help you stay whole and healthy.

Do you find that you are always judging others all the time? You know what I mean you see someone who dresses differently from you or whose name or behavior is unlike yours and right away, you begin to judge. Even those who don't know you are forming opinions about you too. Sometimes when I see people staring at me, I wonder what they are thinking or if I have something wrong with my appearance. My recommendation to you is, don't let their opinion make you feel less about yourself. They don't

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even know you---if they knew you, they probably would want to be your friend.

Remember, you will never please everyone, so why don't you just please yourself and be who you were meant to be.

�� God gave you a beautiful smile---use it often

�� God made you the way you are---use it to the best of your ability

�� God loves you and there are many other peoples in the world who will love you too enjoy that thought

The most important thing to remember is that you are who you are your style, personality and attitude lets the world know who you are. Stand tall and be proud of who you are.

When I was very young in school, I felt insecure and less than because I was put down by my teachers. That is when I felt as though my peers were also judging me and those feelings caused me to feel even less safe and secure. But as I started to grow in age, I changed my thought processes and began to realize that everyone was not going to like me or accept me. I soon realized that what was most important was for me to like and love me for who I am and who I was becoming.

It doesn't matter what a parent or friend or coach says about you---no one can stop you or God plans for your life if it is your destiny. God will find the way for you to fulfill your destiny as long as you believe in you.

Each one of us has seeds of greatness within ---Even if you are disrespected or put down by others, keep walking.

If some don't like your point of view---stand tall and keep walking. You have a message to share so keep planting the seeds and soon they will take and other's will hear and respect your words and choose to walk with you.

One of the most important lessons that I have learned in life is not to participate in the same unkind game that others are playing. Don't let what someone is saying about you sour your day. Let it slide off of you----people do not control your destiny only you hold that key. But with God's help and loving hand, you will be lead in the right direction.

Another powerful lesson that I have learned is that God will pay us royally when we honor Him. He knows how to help us and he knows our heart so do not fall into the trap of negativity or the desire to get even.

Of course it may be difficult and hurtful but you absolutely have the power to keep walking and over look the criticism. Don't be critical or judgmental or cruel to others either because that is poisonous behavior and thoughts. You are better than that---keep walking and know that God and his angel friends are walking with you.

When I feel threatened in any way, I repeat a passage from 2 Chronicles-20:15- "The battle is the Lords and the victory is mine." I encourage you to say that statement often. God will fight your battles---he hears the hurtful and negative comments -there are times when we are treated unfairly but don't get caught up in that energy, instead believe in yourself and God and soon other's will believe in you too.

Joan Marie Ambrose

Author, Creative Writer, Motivational Speaker

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Blog Date: 
Wednesday, November 7, 2012