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Monday, March 12, 2012

While I was walking today, I bumped into a friend who I haven't seen in a while. She was visiting her 91-year-old mother who just had a birthday. Our conversation turned to Betty and I began to share some of my experiences with her. As we were speaking, I realized that Betty, years ago began to give her power away. Little by little she relied on others for her wel-being until she finally lost control over her life. But I sense that it began in her youth. Growing up in an orphanage and then marrying young, I assume, she relied on others for her safety and security.

Wow, what a realization for me. It got me to think that I need to speak to this topic and issue because it will eventually affect me and my ability to grow old gracefully. I never want to give my power to another. I hope that I will be of sound mind until I die so that I can make choices for myself because for me, it is empowering. In fact when I think about it, I feel a real sense of security knowing that I can maintain that sense of balance for my life and that sound judgment will allow me to make choices that will best serve me. I am sure we all have felt helpless or even unable to think clearly from time to time; when those feeling arise in me, I know it is time for me to sit in quiet and re-examine my thought process and find the solution. Sometimes I ask for help from others --- being open to another point of view can often help redirect my thinking in a more constructive manner. But most times I simply focus on that issue 24/7 as I zone in and continually seek guidance from my Source/God. It may seem strange to you but I have an entire team of virtual assistants in the other realm who help and encourage me on a daily basis. All I need to do is ask my angels and/or spirit guides and with time, the correct response surfaces in my heart and mind. I feel very much in tune with my intuition and my inner Source and that knowingness enables me to walk in trust and truth.
Personally I am conscious about not placing the blame on someone else or something else. I tend to accept personal responsibility and I realize that my actions and my behavior do affect my outcome. When I fail to listen to my intuition, I pay the consequences. Knowing that this wealth of knowledge and wisdom is available to me, gives me the courage and strength to live my life the way I designed it. Some of my choices have been noble and sound while others were far off the mark yet I have always understood that it wasme,not someone else who designed my path.
One of the key elements that will help you improve every situation is to be flexible. Change is inevitable and it is how we handle it and accept it that will make all the difference in the world.

If you honestly believe that the Status quo works for you think again! Our bodies are simply machines---we need to keep them working properly if we want to maximize and optimize their effectiveness. Exercise, proper diet and adequate sleep are vital to a healthy future and ending. An example that hit home to me just might help you too. I just realized that my ability to step up on a stool to reach something was difficult at best for me without grabbing on the door, wall or whatever. I couldn't do it; my body refused to lift up. Ouch! That truth hurt my ego mind and brought into focus my reality. I go to the gym daily and watch some of the others work out to strengthen and sculpt their bodies. As I look and stare at their endurance, I simply say that is not for me; they look like they are killing themselves. But in my inability to step up, I now realize that I, too, need to do a little more if I want my body to stay strong. So guess what, I now do a minute of step-ups daily without holding on to anything; my timing will increase as my core gets stronger. This small confession may seem silly to you but I bet as you begin to take a look at your life, you too may begin to see and understand that what I am saying has wisdom and worth.


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Monday, March 12, 2012